She has been called a pillar of strength and dignity, the hardest working woman in show business and the true Queen of Rock’N’Roll and Lord knows we can’t stop talking about her legendary legs. She is, of course, Tina Turner.

Tina traveled many roads to be where she is today and back in 1996, she was massively promoting her Wildest Dreams album and the subsequent World Tour that followed.

Even in the midst of her world tour, the Queen of Rock took time to speak to BET channel during a stop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Interviewed by Kevin Taylor, Tina is questioned about Ike, recording, her views on her legs and her sweet sense of peace. Enjoy!

8 Replies to “Lyrically Speaking”

  1. I love you Tina . You are a warrior wearing your suit of armour and showing us how and what it takes this you do with grace. . You are my hero. Sending you love and healing sandi bain


  2. Tina, first saw you when I was about 13 (you about 19??), in Louisiana. In my young mind, it was all you even then…Ike, who?
    So happy that you made it with your own smarts! I listen to your music and I feel free and independent! Love you 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️.


  3. Thank you for postings this never seen before interview – at least for me! Tina‘s „there is only love backstage an onstage“ attitude is absolutely inspiring. Loads of love to all of you, Ricardo! ❤️


  4. Thank you! Your post are FANTASTIC! I appreciate the work you do on this site. In this wild time we all need a some TINA! to keep the optimism going!


  5. It’s always a thrill and a moments of truth and inspiration when you listen to a Tina Turner interview, it’s something you can actually learn from and adapt into your life, kindness, Harmony, love, happiness and spirituality,


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