Just announced today that TINA, the new documentary film about the Queen of Rock will be coming to HBO Max on March 27 (USA), on Sky TV & NOW TV (UK) this April. An international release in cinemas and on DVD/digital is also planned for Spring 2021.

This unvarnished, dynamic account features insightful interviews with Tina herself, conducted in her hometown of Zurich, Switzerland, and with those closest to her. It also features a wealth of never-before-seen footage, audio tapes and personal photos, telling a deep and absorbing story about the queen of rock ‘n’ roll in all its complexity.

In addition to a stunning amount of archival footage spanning 60 years, the documentary includes interviews with Angela Bassett; Oprah Winfrey; journalist Kurt Loder who co-authored “I, Tina,” which inspired the feature film; playwright Katori Hall, who scribed “Tina – The Tina Turner Musical”; and husband and former record executive Erwin Bach, among many others.

TINA draws to an emotional conclusion with Tina Turner taking a bow at the opening night of the Broadway musical about her life, a fitting swan song for an immensely talented performer who courageously spoke her truth about domestic abuse, and refused to let age, gender or a difficult past stand in her way. TINA is a celebration of Tina Turner’s immense talent, improbable journey to global stardom and her own embrace of her status as a beloved and respected survivor.

Stay tuned for more! More info on the TINA documentary here: www.tina.film

7 Replies to “TINA Documentary: Coming Soon!”

    1. Omg omg omg!!! I soo cannot wait for this!! I love Tina Turner & have a collection of her albums! 👀
      This will be the best birthday prezzie as mine is the 29th of March and I share it with my beautiful Mumma (Mum was a twin too) 🥰RIP🥰 2nd year and seeing this give me something else to look forward to in a positive way! 👏🏽🤘🏽😎🥰


  1. Tina everything you do is fantastic,singing,dancing,writing and just by being the sweet and kind person.Thanks so much through the years for always being and loving yourself.
    Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day,

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  2. Wow, how exciting, I can not wait to see this exciting and inspiring Documentary! Tina is truly my sister in my heart! Having turned 65 last month, my biggest and “WILDEST DREAM” is to miraculously meet Tina Turner, and share my similar or parallel life story with her! Performing TinaTurner music for the first time, as a broke struggling, devastated newly divorced 54 year old Chicago street performer to make ends meet.Performing her music helped me put food on the table,and keep a roof over my head and most importantly, the pain of this experience caused me to find my life purpose and breathed new life into me. I actually became pretty good at singing and performing as Tina! Tina Turner literally saved my life and she doesn’t even know it! Oh how I wish I could meet her and tell her In person or more realistictly via Zoom ,Skype, or another virtual platform! I Simply Adore Tina Turner for more reasons than one! Again, I wish that I could get this message out to her while we both are still here!

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  3. Una gran persona, muy motivadora su vida, es muy fuerte, ojala yo fuera la mitad de fuerte que ella para seguir mis sueños, aplaudo a donde a llegado, me quito el sombrero, ojala pudiera conocerla en persona, un abrazo desde españa.


  4. I just bought this on DVD, watched it twice. One of the best docs on a person’s life that I have seen. Wonderful to hear more from the likes of Rhonda Gram and Le Jeunne. Seeing Tina’s expression in some of the early clips with Ike clearly show how miserable she was., and the clip with her mother, who can’t really answer the questions posed, demonstrates how little she knew her daughter. The whole thing very moving and Tina’s final plea to be out of the public eye. Mrs Bach ” be as well as you can be in the quiet that you so deserve, Tho che chey for all that you have given”.


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