Tina Turner & Eros Ramazzotti – live in Munich 1998 – HD (updated)

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Today and for the first time, watch Tina & Eros Ramazzotti perform in Munich, July 4 1998 in Full HD (720p).
See inside the post for the videos!

Don’t forget to click on HD to enjoy the full quality of the video!

Apparently the video is blocked for people living in Germany. You can watch the video by using the website “hidemyass” but you won’t be able to enjoy the HD definition.

Sorry about the watermarks but unfortunately our videos are being re-upload by other Youtube users which is a bit useless 😉

Cose della vita” (translated: “Things in life”) is song originally released in 1993 by Eros Ramazzotti. The track re-recorded by Ramazzotti and Tina in 1997 for the greatest hits compilation Eros. This time the song was bi-lingual with Turner’s English lyrics written by Turner herself, then retitled “Cose Della Vita – Can’t Stop Thinking of You”. The duet version charted better, with a peak in The Netherlands and Germany at #4. Ramazzotti later re-recorded a Spanish language version with Turner’s English vocals called “Cosas De La Vida – Can’t Stop Thinking of You”, and a live version of the Italian-English version featuring Tina Turner was included on his album Live in 1998.

“Cose Della Vita – Can’t Stop Thinking Of You” has been included on Tina Turner’s greatest hits albums All The Best (2004) and The Platinum Collection (2008).


Sono umana situazioni
quei momenti fra di noi
i distacchi e i ritorni
da capirci niente poi
gia…come vedi
sto pensando a te….si…da un po’

They’re just human contradictions
feeling happy, feeling sad
these emotional transitions
all the memories we’ve had
yes, you know it is true
I just can’t stop thinking of you

No, I just can’t pretend
all the time that we spent could die
wanna feel it again
all the love we felt then

Confinanti di cuore solo che ognuno sta
dietro gli steccati degli orgogli suoi
sto pensando a te
sto pensando a noi…

Sono cose della vita
vanno prese un po’cosi

Some for worse and some for better
but through it all we’ve come so far

Gia’… come vedi
io sto ancora in piedi

sono umani tutti i sogni miei
con le mani io li prenderei, si perche

What is life without a dream to hold?
take my hand and never let me go

It’s part of life together
but what future does it hold?

Sono cosa della vita
ma la vita poi dov’e

Yes, you know it is true
I just can’t stop thinking of you

Questa notte che pasa piano accanto a me
cerco di affrontarla, afferrarla

If our hearts miss a beat
or get lost like a ship at sea
I want to remember, I can never forget

Can’t stop thinking of you,
Sto pensando a noi
Can’t stop thinking of you

22 Replies to “Tina Turner & Eros Ramazzotti – live in Munich 1998 – HD (updated)”

  1. No apology needed for the watermarks, know how you feel! Some people have no idea or respect. Well done boys, enjoying your blog!


  2. Good answer, all this repeat posting of videos is pointless and I have said that all along, totally agree with you. The fact that you are uploading stuff to begin with and at your own cost is generous enough without having other people rip your collection from you.


  3. great videos! I’ve been there in Munich! During the afternoon before the concert when I walked along the concert area and could listen to the rehearsals of “the best” with Tina. Unfortunatelly I couldn’t see anything. In my oppinion Eros was quite boring because some of his songs he performed in spanish, which I didn’t like. But then Joe Cocker and Tina arrived! Just great moments!

    greetings from Austria 🙂


  4. Hello, where o how can i download the complete concert of Eros Ramazzotti…the quatlity its great!! i like so much his music and the duet with tina turner…i hope can help me some one and find where i can download all the concert because i like it.

    thanks my mail is osma75@hotmail.com


  5. This song was a huge success on South-American radios, due to Eros popularity there. But this version also helped him to be known in America, touring in there after the worldwide commercial success of ‘Cose Della Vita’, selling almost half a million copies.


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