June 23, 1990: TINA performs in Rotterdam

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21 years ago today, Tina Turner performed at the Feijenoord Stadium in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, as part of her Foreign Affair European tour. Later that year in November, Tina would finish her Foreign Affair tour also in Rotterdam, this time at the smaller indoor venue Ahoy. At that time, the tour was promoted as Tina’s final big tour, it turned out that it would be one of many ‘farewell’ tours! Below you will find some photos and audio from the concert in June in Rotterdam.




Undercover Agent For The Blues

What You Get Is What You See

15 Replies to “June 23, 1990: TINA performs in Rotterdam”

  1. I was 9 years old then. My sister and I were always dancing around to this concert and the rest! This is my favourite Tina look. Thanks


  2. I remember this one ….. Tina was really on the height of her succes back then. Such a drama to get into the Kuip. Finally ended up first row, but when Tina came on stage ( after those really boring Neville Brothers) everybody was pushing very hard towards the stage. Aaaahh, those sweet memories…..
    And she gave a great show by the way! It was all there; the hair, the heels, huge staircase, great band and a lot of fans.


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