You can now pre-order the Children Beyond cd on
Vous pouvez désormais commander Children Beyond sur
Ab sofort können Sie auf Children Beyond vorbestellen.
Release date: October 7, 2011
Date de sortie: 7 Octobre 2011
Veröffentlichungstermin: 7. Oktober 2011

13 Replies to “Pre-order ‘Children Beyond’ now!”

  1. It was released on Blu Ray in Brazil, but the quality is horrible. It’s also not the full length concert.
    For Children Beyond, I just ordered 7 copies 🙂
    I checked that until now I have purchased 27 copies of “Beyond”. Thanks to me the album went platinum 🙂
    Sid, I too would love a new Tina Turner album. Let’s hope this project gets a lot of media attention and she will get many reporters asking her when she will record a new album…


  2. Yes i know……….. nothing in FULL HD just yet……. bastards 🙂

    I’m not holding up any hopes, i don’t think anything new from Tina will be made, so………we all would love to see it otherwise but the treu Rocking Tina as we knew : c’est fini!


  3. well i rather have some hope for any new stuff or even recordings…or even some dvd in 3D like did with other stars (kylie minouge in cinema this month) i wish and hope too…no one cant take away my wildest dreams…..


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