You can now pre-order the Children Beyond cd on
Vous pouvez désormais commander Children Beyond sur
Ab sofort können Sie auf Children Beyond vorbestellen.
Release date: October 7, 2011
Date de sortie: 7 Octobre 2011
Veröffentlichungstermin: 7. Oktober 2011

13 Replies to “Pre-order ‘Children Beyond’ now!”

  1. as much as i love Tina i will not be buying this….
    I want to remember Tina as a performer, a rock queen and all that defined TINA TURNER for me……
    this really doesn’t do it for me, really not.


  2. It was released on Blu Ray in Brazil, but the quality is horrible. It’s also not the full length concert.
    For Children Beyond, I just ordered 7 copies 🙂
    I checked that until now I have purchased 27 copies of “Beyond”. Thanks to me the album went platinum 🙂
    Sid, I too would love a new Tina Turner album. Let’s hope this project gets a lot of media attention and she will get many reporters asking her when she will record a new album…


  3. Yes i know……….. nothing in FULL HD just yet……. bastards 🙂

    I’m not holding up any hopes, i don’t think anything new from Tina will be made, so………we all would love to see it otherwise but the treu Rocking Tina as we knew : c’est fini!


  4. well i rather have some hope for any new stuff or even recordings…or even some dvd in 3D like did with other stars (kylie minouge in cinema this month) i wish and hope too…no one cant take away my wildest dreams…..


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