I Don’t Wanna Lose You, Thomas Gottschalk!

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It appears that any time Tina Turner performs on German television, this guy is also there: Thomas Gottschalk. He is Germany’s most famous TV presenter, and he has introduced and interviewed Tina in a variety of shows, most notably several times on Wetten, Dass…? When Tina and Children Beyond appeared at the Ein Herz Für Kinder-gala last December in Berlin, Thomas was also there: his last job for TV channel ZDF.
The clip above is however from another program in the beginning of 1990. The program ‘Das Waren Die Achtziger’ looks back at the 1980’s, including a small tribute to Tina’s hit song We Don’t Need Another Hero. Tina however appears on the show to perform her, at that time, new single I Don’t Wanna Lose You from the Foreign Affair album.

7 Replies to “I Don’t Wanna Lose You, Thomas Gottschalk!”

  1. Ah schade, Youtube says it’s only blocked in Serbia-Montenegro but apparently this is not the only country…Well i assume you used “hidemyass” to watch it 😉


  2. I don’t wanna lose you is one of my favourite songs. I wish Tina sang it more on her live tours. I love Tina’s outfit, she looks great.


  3. I love “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” too. It’s interesting to see how careful Roger Davis was with Tina’s material in her 80’s albums “Private Dancer”, “Break Every Rule” and “Foreign Affair”. The songs seemed to be “taylor-made” for Tina musically and lyrically. Every song suited her very well. In the 90’s he remained careful, but I thought the Wildest Dreams album deserved stronger singles (with the exception of Goldeneye and In Your Wildest Dreams, I thought the singles were not very strong – Missing You, On Silent Wings, Whatever You Want). I didn’t like the selection for the Twenty Four Seven album, but, at least, they chose the right song to be the first single When The Heartache Is Over. I’m not gonna mention her 2005 single Open Arms – it was one of the biggest misteps in Davis’s management. Overall, I think Davis really did a great work selecting Tina songs. In the 80’s, it was better than the 90’s – and in the 90’s it was far better than in the 00’s (Open Arms, Complicated Disaster, I’m Ready – weak songs, to speak frankly).


    1. I love it and her. I love all Tina’ songs. Please advise where can i get her following dvd on: Private Dancer, break every rule (tours). I need Tina’ TV interviews plus her recent photograph.


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