Tina Turner was a guest on the set of France most popular show back in the 80’s ‘Sacrée Soirée’. She performed Look Me In The Heart and is interviewed by presenter Jean-Pierre Foucault. After the interview, Tina is asked to participate to a magic trick on the set of the tv show. She gladly does it but she has no idea that in fact the trick is related to her, and that she will get a big surprise! Have fun watching the video and hopefully you’ll be as surprised as Tina at the end of the magic trick!

21 Replies to “‘Sacrée Soirée’ avec TINA”

  1. Wonder if the 2 of them remain Friends. I’m sure they do. Anyway, is Azzadine still alive? I love Tina’s clothes during Foreign Affair years. Sorry. Random stuff. 🙂 Thanks again.


  2. Merci de nous remettre cette séquence TV. Je m’en souviens très bien, j’avais 17 ans ! lol! J’attendais ce moment avec tellement d’impatience. Et Tina turner a été exceptionnelle: de la pèche et un sourire incroyable. Un très bon moment. Cette année là, j’ai été voir Tina la première fois de ma vie, à Nantes.
    Bonne journée et merci pour ce joli souvenir.


  3. I Tear up Every Time …lol ..at the end you put ike straight watcha gonna do -Shoot me ? and he walks out slow – a beaten man ; even in the early days people came to see you Girls shake a tail feather in those short slit Dresses – without you he would”nt have got out of corner Pubs – i”m a Singer-guitarist beleive me i know good Music 40 years in 54 years old and when i heard your single back in 80 or 81 – i said she did it =Well Lady you Stay Healthy and stay Busy it Keeps you looking Young = your Mother gave you good genes …..Rock On BABY 🙂


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