November 9, 1969: Respect for Oakland

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The following audio clip is Ike & Tina Turner performing the Otis Redding classic Respect live in Oakland, USA in 1969. This was part of their opening set they did for the Rolling Stones concert at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. It is an audience recording, so the quality is only average. But, the performance is very nice with a lot of audience interaction.

4 Replies to “November 9, 1969: Respect for Oakland”

  1. There is a video where they are doing this song live, it is dynamite. As usual, Tina puts her spin on it. Thanks guys for sharing.


    1. I lived in Fremont and went to the concert that night when the Stones came on Mick said you came here to see me now I want to see you and the place came apart it was awesome our seats were way up high so we stayed there I remember the joints just kept getting past was a great experience. Then on December 6th went to Altamont raceway for the free concert I was 20 then what a time !!!!!


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