Tina Turner’s Wedding Party (Updated)

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach Wedding - July 2013

(©Florian Kalotay/ Pourunefois.ch)




Today, July 21st, Tina Turner married her partner for 27 years: Erwin Bach. On the guest list: Oprah Winfrey, Bryan Adams, Roger Davies, Rhonda Graam. All the latest updates will be posted on the blog. We wish the happy couple a wonderfuly, sunny and joyful day!

Tina Turner, wearing a fantastic Armani green Wedding Dress!

No sight of Oprah, Bowie, Bryan Adams, Sade or Giorgio Armani who probably used an other entrance.

Today’s Blick Newspaper reporting Tina Turner and Erwin Bach’s wedding party!

A tweet from Bryan Adams live from the wedding!

Bryan Adams Tweet

No malice intended with these pictures. We just share them as fans, for fans. If you are the photographer and want them removed, please feel free to drop us a message, and we will remove them as soon as one of us come online. Thank you.



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79 responses to “Tina Turner’s Wedding Party (Updated)



  2. Beaumont

    I want to see Tina Turner with her wedding dress!!!!!!

  3. Ana Cristina

    We will see Mrs. Bach with her widding dress and his husband Mr. Bach, is realy nice give to us the photos and news on his marriage , thank you very much for share with us this very important moment for you Mrs. Bach.

  4. Anthony

    I agree: It’s the woman in the dress that I’m looking for. I hope it looks as good as I think it will.

  5. Faye

    Tina will look amazing- as always!

  6. Valerio Romeo

    Avrei tanto voluto esser li…tanta felicità a te Tina e a Voi.grazie

  7. melanie

    i am sure as soon as a picture of Tina in her wedding dress emerges, the boys will put it here 😉

  8. mark, usa

    So far, looks like things are heatng up, looks fun.

  9. Bless you both with eternal love, and happiness. My heart is happy for you most Tina, you so deserved this. Celebrate this special day for the memories hold forever. Love from So. California, USA.

  10. Enrico Kievt

    Am i seeing it right??? Is Tina wearing a green gown??

  11. You guys are so great! Thanks for the constant updates on this blog!

  12. Marie

    Great pictures! Can’t wait to see Tina and Erwin. 🙂

  13. really looking forward to seeing tinas dress.

  14. Lasse

    you should update your “WIKI TINA”… Tina Turner is married 🙂

  15. bella inspira

    Congratulation’s and warm wishes to the both of you on your wedding day;-)

  16. Mathew

    Thanks for the update! I am sure they all had a great time! Wish to see Tina in her wedding dress so baldly Can’t wait to see more!

  17. Ana Cristina

    Than you very much Mrs. Bach and Mr.Erwin Bach, to share with us this moment very special ,i am very happy for all photos and informations during the marriage! God bless you Tina Turner!!

  18. Lousina

    She looked beautiful in her dress 🙂 I hope the couple had a great day.

    Thanks guys to keep us updated about this wonderful day 🙂

    • Lousina

      Really, now I see clearer pictures of Tina… what a lovely dress. Not everyone can wear something like that and looking stunning in it, but Tina can. And her garden looked fabulous.

  19. Kate

    Wonderful news and thanks for keeping us update!

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  21. Marie

    She looks radiant and very much happy! Thanks again guys. 🙂

  22. AWSOME pics. of Tina, but where is her Family.?? I wish them well on their new journey, “Always believe and never give up” .. She came from something that made her strong.. 🙂

    • TinaFan

      I’m sure her family (sons, grandchildren) were there. Surely they arrived before an may have spent a few days with her at her home. Tina loves her family so I wouldn’t question whether they were there are not.

      Reports say there were tons of guest that arrived via a separate entrance that the press was not privy to.

    • Lousina

      Well, I think they were there, for sure her children. But you know, the famous people is what people want to see in those entertainment magazines….and her family isn’t very famous so not that interesting…

  23. Ali

    Doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that there has been no mention of Roger Davies anywhere? What about a few other celebrities who Tina has been quite close to over the years, like Cher, Ann Margret, Bill Cosby, Mick Jagger, Beyoncé? And where were her own children? Neither Craig nor Ronnie can be seen anywhere. What about other relatives, like Alline’s children, etc.? Any thoughts?

    • mark, usa

      I agree totally with you, I think Beyounce is touring so she probably could not cancel a performance date. As far as the other’s mentioned, great question, very secretive.

      • Ali

        And many papers mentioned Sade on the guest list. I can’t even seem to recall Tina EVER meeting her!!! Isn’t that strange? First I thought they might have confused her name with Cher’s, but now it seems unlikely. Also, almost all the papers said she’d wear a white gown… and she ended up wearing green!!! Very strange!

      • TinaFan

        Why would Beyonce be invited? I know she and Tina performed on the Grammys, Beyonce paid tribute at the Kennedy Center Honors, and Beyonce and her husband visited Tina backstage before one of her concerts they attended, but I don’t see a close friendship there.

    • Roger Davies at Tina Turner's Wedding.Hey Ali, thanks for your comments! Actually there is one photo of Roger Davies arriving at the wedding! I just added it to the gallery.
      Concerning the stars you mentioned, i don’t think Tina was that close to them except maybe Cher (who is promoting her new single…) & The Stones (currently on tour…) she probably only invited people that where really special to her.
      And as far as her family is concerned, no info about that, i only know that Alline’s daughter Jacqueline didn’t attempt it. So maybe she will celebrate it sometimes soon with her family and friends in the US!

      • TinaFan

        Tina and Sade’s careers are managed by Roger Davies, who also manages Cher and Pink and has managed Janet Jackson as well. Sade is the person that actually sent “I Don’t Want To Fight” (first sang by Lulu) to Tina and Roger for Tina to record and put her spin on it. So that takes care of the Sade link, and just because we don’t see Tina mingling with certain celebrities certainly doesn’t mean she doesn’t know them.

      • Ali

        Thanks for the response Ben & Sjef. I was relieved to see Roger 🙂 … I’m still curious to know if David Bowie came. So many papers mentioned him in the guest list before the wedding. Any idea?

      • Ali

        @Tina Fan – Please name one other celebrity that Tina has been friends with in her 55 year career that we don’t know about. She’s not that kind of a person. She is very open and public about such things. Her encounters and meetings with celebrities whom she has met even once or twice in her life have also been documented in photos over the years – like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Annie Lennox, Aretha Franklin, Ricky Martin, Usher, Ann Hathaway, Bruce Willis, Calista Flockhart, Don Johnson, Elizabeth Taylor, Magic Johnson, Felicity Huffman, Grace Jones, Jean Reno, Janis Joplin, John Travolta, Stieve Wonder, Madonna, Mary.J. Blige, Paul Mcartney, Shirley Bassey, Susan Sarandon, the Queen, Margaret Thatcher… and the list goes on! Therefore, I refuse to believe that she’s been secretly friends with Sade all these years and not once was there ever a chance that we could see them together in a photo. However, here’s a possibility – Maybe she was supposed to sing at the wedding which Roger might have arranged, but when she couldn’t make it (or Tina said no), then Bryan Adams was requested to do the honor. I think that makes more sense.

    • Oh and yes i forgot, Cher is promoting her new song in the US and the Rolling Stones are on tour so that might explain why they didn’t show up!

  24. Ali

    …oh and Shak-Dagsay was also nowhere to be found… Regula was there though!

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  26. Rhonda

    Lovely! Tina Turner is awesome and i want a new album! Thanks and best wishes! Simply the Best!

  27. I am so happy to see my fellow Tina Turner fans alive and excited again. We have so missed Tina in the limelight. Best wishes to the newlywed. May you enjoy 20 years more of the bliss you have been enjoying together. 🙂

  28. VivianT

    Greetings from Atlanta, GA. Very nice. Thank you foe sharing any little snippets of our beloved Tina and events of her life. She will ALWAYS be my favorite. God bless her, and her new husband!

  29. Marie

    I know there’s quite a few people that I didn’t see or didn’t come? Like the guest lists, Sade, Bowie and even Roger Davies. But I guess this is the whole point of being a private/Family gathering only. They really don’t want the media to cover the event/Party. I’m sure both Tina’s and Erwin’s family are present, but we never or at least I’ve never seen them in public before. So… Tina and Erwin are very secretive or very private about their personal lives. I’m not surprised that this one is not open for public eye. 🙂 I still love her and very much happy for both of them. 🙂 again, thanks a lot for the constant update.

    • I (Ben) am a bit mixed about this whole wedding celebration. I mean, i am really happy for Tina & Erwin and i am glad the wedding apparently when well and i hope that they were not too much harassed by the press and the people standing at the front of their house. I totally respect, understand, and expected Tina’s choice of ultra privacy (Erwin Bach never tried to get the attention either) so i have mixed feelings about publishing photos of the wedding. Exited to see her but at the same time, being part of the people intruding her privacy bothers me. So if nothing else comes out of it, really fine for me, i don’t think we need more. But of course it brought a lot of attentions and as we can see on the photos, they where cameras and photographers. Is it only for Tina & Erwin memories? Maybe? Does Oprah has anything to do with it? Maybe? So now only time will tell what’s next for Tina, i hope we will hear more from her this year!
      And last but not least Marie, a photo of the boss, Roger Davies arriving at the wedding! Thanks for your your support and comments Marie!
      Roger Davies at Tina Turner's Wedding.

      • Marie

        Thanks a lot Ben! I knew she’d be surrounded with people she held most dear in her heart, on this special day. I greatly appreciate the effort you two put in, to let us (Fans) know and see this amazing celebration of Life and Love. I know there’s a lot of people that we didn’t see in the pictures but that doesn’t mean they didn’t attend or Happy for Tina and Erwin. Again, Thank You sooo MUCH! 🙂

      • TinaFan

        I think Tina is wise enough to understand and appreciate a fan wanting to give other fans the opportunity of celebrating with her, as opposed to a paparazzi/publication attempting to make a buck off her and her guest.

        Oprah? I don’t know why Oprah would have anything to do with it unless she and Tina are putting something together for the OWN network, which would be wondrous. I’ve even said Tina should have a show on the network where she discusses faith, belief and spirituality with people around the world, regular, celebrity and captains of industry.

        And it should only bother you if you were there because of ill intent, which you weren’t so let that energy go. You’ve done a great service for fans.

    • TinaFan

      I think we as fans ask/expect way too much of celebrities. I love Tina, but if she offered the world nothing more than her talent, I’d be fine with that, as we all should be. I get that many of us want to know so many intimate details of this lovely lady, but the reality of it is that Tina has already shared the worst of her personal life with the world. Things that other people would go to their graves with. So if she wants to keep these happy (private) moments to herself, I support her. We fans don’t pay for a celebrities private life, we pay to see them on the screen or stage. Anything else they offer is icing on the cake.

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  31. marivânia xavier dos santos

    Que sejam muito felizes, ela merece isso. Deus abençoe essa união no Nome de Jesus. Missionária Mari Brasil.

    • marivânia

      Que sejam muito felizes, ela merece isso. Deus abençoe essa união em Nome de Jesus. Missionária Mari Brasil

  32. marivânia xavier dos santos

    Tina vocé é muito forte. Tenha certeza que Deus ama muito você. A paz. mari.

  33. Harry


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  35. Robert Steigerwalt

    Congratulations to the happy couple. Best wishes for a long and happy marrage. Nam-myho-renge-kyo.

  36. Quandale

    Tina Looked Stunning, and so did Erwin they are truly a match made in HEAVEN….But I must say its kind of strange to not see ROGER DAVIES there or was he…

  37. TinaFan

    @ALI clearly you’re a fanatic. Just because someone takes pictures with someone it does not mean a friendship. I would hope you were wiser than that. But from your comment I can tell that you think of celebrities as a different entity than other humans, and even though they live lives in the spotlight, that even they too can have moments of privacy, which means friendships that we do not see.

    Sade is one of the most elusive pop stars in the world. So yes, I do believe that she could have a friendship with a celebrity or multiple celebrities that we don’t know about, including Tina.

    I don’t know where you came up with this story Sade could have been invited to perform then Tina cancelled at the last moment is ridiculous. Seriously ridiculous, you should write for the tattlers. Tina’s wedding was well planned and executed according to her interview with Hello! magazine (evidence).

    I think it’s important to speak from fact and not assumption. That’s just how I roll, because no matter how much I love a performer, I understand that I can only listen to what I know to be true.

    • Ali

      @Tina Fan – And you my dear seem like a Sade fanatic. If you focus just a little, you will realize that this is a Tina forum where we are talking about Tina’s wedding and Tina’s friends – not Sade’s celebrity friends. So please wake up!

      So you think it’s important to speak from fact and not assumption? So will you please enlighten us as to where exactly you got the fact that Sade is a friend of Tina’s? What proof do you have? Would you please like to share this piece of evidence that you call ‘fact’? I think you should be the one who should be writing for the tattlers. You make up good stories that you believe to be true in your own little world.

      The point that I have been trying to make is that Tina has been a celebrity for 55 years and is a very openly public person when it comes to being friends with celebrities. I just find it odd that she would be friends with Sade and none of us would ever find out. Oprah, David Bowie and Eros Ramazotti were names of other celebrities that the newspapers mentioned would be on the guest list. And we completely accept and understand why they would be invited because we have seen them with Tina and have heard her talk about them, etc. Sade couldn’t be seen in any of the wedding photos either. So maybe it was a mistake of the press to include her name after all.

      And remember, there’s no need to get spiteful. This kitty’s got claws too 🙂

      • TinaFan

        I’ve already explained the Tina and Sade connection. Unfortunate you (a fanatic) didn’t know how they knew each other. I find it borderline psychotic that you feel you’ll know every individual (famous or otherwise) that Tina knows.

      • Ali

        Hmmm… let’s see! You talk about facts without any evidence… you refuse to even consider the other person’s point of view… you disrespect and disregard people’s opinions and are fixated on being right… and you are unable to carry out a normal and decent discussion with people without getting vicious or being catty… and I’m the one who’s borderline psychotic? You certainly don’t have any friends with your attitude, otherwise they would have told you what I’m about to tell you… “You Need Help!” People in the real world don’t lose their cool and get personal on non-issues. What you have seems to be a case of arrogance mixed with schizophrenia. Go see a psychiatrist before your arse gets whooped by someone real bad. This is my last comment for this thread. I am not going to grace your next comment with a reply because I have class as well as a life!

      • Hey Ali, let’s keep it at a high level 😉
        And concerning Sade, Tina said a few times that she was (one of) her favorite singer. It was mentioned in different articles and if i can put my hand on of them soon, i’ll let you know 😉
        You and Tinafan are both great fans, so no need to be disrespectful, especially on such a special post.
        All the Best!

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  45. Lois Stephens

    I have always enjoyed Tina’s music.
    I am glad she found someone that will love her and make her happy.
    The wedding was absolutely amazing!!!
    Congratulations to you both!!!

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