5 times Tina Turner made headlines in 2013

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Tina Turner - Beyond 2013

What a year: a wedding, a Vogue cover, an interview with Oprah Winfrey and several other appearances. Not a bad “Tina Turner” year for us fans… Maybe too much to remember: therefore recap of all the Tina moments you shouldn’t have missed in 2013.

1. Switzerland’s biggest rock star

Tina Turner & Regula Curti in front of Tina Turner's Chateau Algonquin in Zurich (March 2013)

The year started with big news: after having lived in Switzerland for 20 years, Tina Turner decided she would take on the Swiss citizenship. The news came out in the beginning of the year; Tina followed the regular procedure including a citizenship test and learning the German language. Apparently she did well because in April she was officially granted the status of ‘Swiss woman’. The process was completed by the relinquishment of Tina’s American citizen at the embassy in Bern this past November.

2. Strike a pose

Tina Turner on German Vogue - April 2013

This news almost killed us and half of Tina Turner’s fan-club. At age 73, Tina landed  the cover of Vogue magazine (the German edition ,that is) for the first time becoming the oldest person ever to grace it. The photo shoot, with photos by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, shows Tina looking more vibrant and elegant than ever. In the interview, Tina looks back at her past success, but also to the future.
The photo spread inside the magazine finds Tina dressed in new and vintage Armani, posing inside her Swiss mansion in front of memorabilia of her past album successes. However, she is not the person for nostalgia, claiming she is “happier now, than she ever was”.

3. La Dolce Vita

a Turner - Armani One Night Only in Rome - June 5, 2013 - 04

Not a year goes by without Tina Turner appearing at a Giorgio Armani fashion show. And everytime she does; she is always quite the talk of the town. This year, she appeared at Giorgio’s ‘One Night Only’ spectacular in Rome, Italy. Surely, the legendary designer and the rock legend met afterwards for a final fitting of her wedding gown…

4. Would you marry with me?

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach - marriage 2013

When we heard the news, we were like: WHAT?! Surely the most exciting moment of 2013, Tina Turner married her long-time love, German-born record executive Erwin Bach. At a private ceremony at their lakeside residence in Zürich, Switzerland on a beautiful summer’s day, Tina and Erwin said ‘yes, I do’. It’s Tina’s second marriage, the first one being her notorious bond with Ike Turner.

5. Next chapter

Tina Turner on Oprah's Next Chapter

Oprah knows how to get Tina Turner out of retirement, and her honeymoon! Oprah caught up with Tina during her honeymoon in the south of France to discuss life after retirement, her recent marriage and ghosts from the past. Tina proved to be extremely candid and honest during the hour-long segment, telling all about how she was ‘tired of singing and dancing’ and how she is living her ‘glory days’ since being retired from the concert stage. If you haven’t seen the interview: Google it!

6 Replies to “5 times Tina Turner made headlines in 2013”

  1. I only saw Tina 5 times in 3 different cities, one including oxygen! I just have always loved her, even to convence a tool n die maker hard core future husband to go to the first comeback tour! What a performer everyone always stood through her concerts, at least the ones I went to. Never could figure out why the audience was 95% white go figure that out!! THE QUEEN OF ROCK & ROLL!!!


  2. I can’t believe I haven’t received any responce from any loyal fan. Tina Turner she is the one and only no one will ever come close. It did hurt me when she referred to all the tours, performances as a job she performed. I was crushed I quess at a certain point it becomes that . I only hope she really loved her years without that man (won’t use his name ever) and truly loved what she was doing it seemed that way to others at least to me when I saw her at different venues. No matter what I will always love her, what a woman!!


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