Tina Turner - Zurich 2013

In 2014, after Beyond and Children Beyond, the new Beyond album ‘Beyond, Love Within’ will see the light of the day! Tina Turner is once again a part of the project and will put her vocals on a few tracks. Until then, here is a brand new photo of Tina and the Beyond team in the studio in Zurich! Miss Turner looks fantastic don’t you think?

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10 Replies to “News from Beyond”

  1. Wow great foto…happy that something new will come out although miss a bit full new album from her…doesnt have to be tour after that( but wouldnt mind thou) its just new material.
    Thanks For new post 🙂


  2. Tina does look GREAT!!! She is amazing and a wonderful role model for women of a certain age. Thanks for all the posts.


  3. Tina,(Anne Mae), If there, “Ever” was Anything,,,
    You want to say, before you left this planet, What would it be???
    Thank You For Being You….
    Wishing YOU & Yours, All The Best !!
    Love You Always,


  4. I’m so glad that we will be able to hear Tina’s voice once again!! She’s just simply the best! I want to wish good luck to Tina and also Beyond team. BTW, Tina looks amazing!!


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