©Jeff Spicer/Alpha Tina Turner - Riverside Studios - London - Oct, 1999
©Jeff Spicer/Alpha
Tina Turner – Riverside Studios – London – Oct, 1999

Putting a world tour together and promoting it can be tiring. Add that to the fact that promotion isn’t your cup of tea and that you don’t really need it to sell out stadiums well you end up doing “On The Road Interviews”. Those are always fun and a real treat to watch for fans. In 2000, the biggest UK & German Tv channels, the BBC & ZDF send cameras to follow Tina Turner and her team on stage and backstage during her Twenty Four Seven Tour.

All in all 80 min of behind the scenes footages featuring a peek at rehearsals, interviews with Tina, band members, dancers and live footage. Screenshots included.

BBC – On Tour With Tina Turner (2000)
Duration: 50 min

ZDF – On Tour Mit Tina Turner (2000)
Duration: 30min 


The videos were uploaded a couple of  years ago on Youtube. BBC  on Ben’s Youtube Channel, ZDF on Sjef’s Youtube Channel.

7 Replies to “On Tour with Tina Turner (2000)”

  1. This is such amazing footage, I know Tina look back and say, that was a lot of work, lol. I enjoyed every bit of it though, I have been a fan for so many years and still is today. Thanks guys, your work never goes unnoticed.


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