Contest: Win New Tina Turner ‘Love Songs’ CD (Closed)

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Tina Turner - Love Songs - CD 2014

Get Lucky on The Tina Turner Blog! Not only we turned 3 years old very recently, but today, Feb 4th 2014, is also the day that Tina Turner new compilation ‘Love Songs’ hit the shelves worldwide! To celebrate the occasion, we are very happy to announce that we can give away FIVE new ‘Love Songs’ CD by Tina Turner.  These prizes are offered courtesy of Warner Music Group (Rhino) in charge of promoting the album.

The contest is now closed, you can no longer participate. The winners have been drawn.

UK: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.  
USA: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.
FRANCE: Acheter Tina Turner’s Love Songs Ici.
GERMANY: Kaufen Tina Turner’s Love Songs Hier.

What can you win?

1. ONE (1) Tina Turner album ‘Love Songs’ (5 times)

How can you win?

1. This contest is reserved to our US readers only (sorry Europe & rest of the world).

2. Answer this question: ‘What is Name of the last track on the new Love Songs album?’

3. Fill out the complete form below, with the correct answer and include all your address details.

4. From out of all the answers we receive, we will make a selection of good answers, out of which we will then randomly select five winners for the CD – Results to be announced on the day after Valentine’s Day – (February, 15 2014)

Rules of the contest:

1. Fill out all your contact/address information in the following form. This information will only be used to contact you and to send you your prize if you have won. You can only participate when all information is included!

2. You can participate until February 14 the winners will be announced and contacted on February 13. All responses that arrive after midnight on February 14(GMT + 1) will not be taken into account.

3. You can only participate once.

4. If you have won, your information will be forwarded to Tina’s record company team. They will send you your prize; it might take a while for it to arrive.

5. No correspondence is possible about the results of the contest.

The contest is now closed, you can no longer participate. The winners have been drawn.

The release, dropping Worldwide Feb. 4. via Parlophone Records, will include a collection of old hits like “Private Dancer,” “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “I Don’t Want to Fight.” No new or previously unreleased music will appear on the cd.

Turner has sold a combined total of 100 million singles and albums worldwide. Her last studio album was 1999’s Twenty Four Seven, followed by a series of compilation albums such as ‘ All the Best’ (released in 2004), ‘All the Best (The Hits!)’, ‘The Platinum Collection’ … She has also released a combo CD/DVD from her “Tina! Live 50th Anniversary Tour” in 2009.

UK: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.  
USA: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.
FRANCE: Acheter Tina Turner’s Love Songs Ici.
GERMANY: Kaufen Tina Turner’s Love Songs hier.

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23 Replies to “Contest: Win New Tina Turner ‘Love Songs’ CD (Closed)”

    1. We are glad you still went to buy it Reba! But we do understand and share your disappointment. ‘Warner Music Group’ is now in charge of Tina Turner’s catalogue. Who knows what will follow after this compilation. They let us organize this contest, which is very nice we think. Let’s hope for some more involvement from their part than former ‘Parlophone’ (aka releasing LP’s, un released songs, demos, videos… It’s endless)
      Until then, thanks for your feedback Reba and for visiting the blog! If you want you can subscribe to our Blog ‘Mailing List’ & get the latest Tina infos & articles as they appear on the Blog!


  1. Thank you Tina. I mostly count my BLESSINGS for the song Private Dancer because my son who is now 27 years old was conceived to that song. I will always be a fan and I am grateful that I was able to see you in concert and my son was 2 at the time. We managed to get a rose and once I explained the importance to security to let him close enough to the stage they opened up the rope for him to be able to get close enough to throw the rose on stage during your performance. God Bless you always….


    1. I simply want to add what should have been just as important as my first reply, The song Silent Wings, and the CD, was one of the last gifts my son gave me before leaving for His Service To our Country, was burned up when I lost our home. I have not been able to replace the CD. Anyway, I have since I learned that now you can do music background with pictures at your funeral, I am strongly, pretty sure that I am going to have Silent Wings played with pictures of my son and family on the monitor. That song touches every fiber of my soul and thank you Tina for bringing it to MY WORLD when you did. Again, God Bless and Happy Birthday….Wish I could have had the honor of meeting you not as the icon you are, but just as a person.


    2. Aww that’s a cute story Maria! Thanks for sharing it with us! God knows how many children were conceived during a Tina Turner Love Song. And Let’s hope many more will see the light of day thanks to the new compilation 🙂
      And no need to think about Funeral Montage for yourself yet…although Silent Wings is indeed a beautiful song… Oh well, let’s go for it, my funeral song will be my ultimate anthem ‘River Deep Mountain High’ (Phil Spector original 1966 recording,no need to precise it)
      Thanks for visiting and commenting Maria!


  2. For this contest I don’t know what I did wrong. I love Tina I’ve seen her 5 times in 3 different cities. I had to give up a lot of my stuff including my.Tina videos. I just replaced the concert dvd she did in Rio. I love her she is so talented she comes on.stage you stand until she walks off. I was upset and she knew her fans would be because she said it in that terrible interview with Oprah, I wish her last interview would have been with someone else. THE QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL, I wish her all.the happiness in the world I’m so happy she finally got married.


  3. I Love Tina so much! There’s talent in them legs! I’m a 58yr.old keyboard player taught by my mentor & friend the late Kenneth “Kenny” Moore! The Love Songs CD is wonderful Tina & I know you loved & miss Kenny. You’re Beautiful Girl!


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