A compilation of various TV reports from Tina Turner’s “Wildest Dreams Tour” in South Africa 1996. Includes shooting of On Silent Wings video clip as well as rehearsals and interviews!

Edited by Ben

9 Replies to ““The South African Queen””

  1. I’ve never seen this before, it was the best. I will watch it over, and over again. Tina is such a private person, to get an inside glimpse of her behind the scenes is just like winning the lottery. Thanks guys as always for sharing.


  2. She looks great here! I had no idea the videos were filmed in Africa. My favorite is “Something Beautiful Remains”…proof that she could DEFINITELY pull off the whole long, elegant dress in classy conservative mode. IF she EVER does come back to us, that look and style of music would be a great template to draw from.


  3. The Singapore clips at the end are sad though…. TINA sounds wonderful and looks great, but, as always, the Singapore media always talks about “she quite old” and “at your age” and “old” … Having lived there, I know their media is youth-obsessed!


    1. Jeremy, you are so right, I thought it was rather disrespectful and if they look half her age when they reach her age. What does youth have to do with being able to still perform and entertain millions. I so tired of this youth driven society.


  4. It is great, but I cannot hear it good on my laptop. Will try desktop, needs to be louder so you can hear the talking.


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