Tina Turner - Arquest RemixesTwo remix albums have caught our attention lately and we simply have to say: check them out and import them into your music machine: „TINA Remixed“ which features many songs from the „24/7“ album and „The Album of Tina Turner“ which contains various hits from all albums in a new version. You can listen to these two albums online on Arquest´s Soundcloud or Youtube channels. You can also find him and his music on his Blogspot website: Arquest Remixes.

TINA Remixed

How does Arquest describes the album:

‘Tina Remixed’ remix album relies heavily on Tina’s last studio album to-date. 7 out of 11 reworked tracks were taken from ‘Twenty Four Seven’. All of them were given a new life. For example, Bryan Adams is featured on ‘Without You’ sharing the lead vocals with Tina. ‘When The Heartache Is Over’ has that nice ‘live feel’ and lacks the unpleasant layers of synthesizers as on the original track. Also, lesser know track ‘All The Woman’ sounds really complete now due to addition of the brass and brand-new guitar solo. ‘Talk To My Heart’ has become even more beautiful and emotional song thanks to the inclusion of the new piano part.

Track list Download
  1. Hold On, I’m Coming | Arquest Remix
  2. Without You (feat. Bryan Adams) | Arquest Remix
  3. All The Woman | Arquest Remix
  4. River Deep, Mountain High | Arquest Remix
  5. When The Heartache Is Over | Arquest Remix
  6. Don’t Leave Me This Way | Arquest Remix
  7. Steamy Windows | Arquest Remix
  8. Whatever You Need | Arquest Remix
  9. Nutbush City Limits | Arquest Remix
  10. Twenty Four Seven | Arquest Remix
  11. Talk To My Heart | Arquest Remix

Tina Remixed - Arquest - Front Cover
Tina Remixed – Arquest – Front Cover

The Album of Tina Turner

This set features various titles and presents them in an absolutely unique style: Arquest mixed the live vocals from the „Arnhem 2009“ DVD release with new music and effects, got rid of the audience noise and inserted new arrangements. All titles are therefore not mixed to death but create a powerful new listening experience because they always sound live but somehow the aren´t. They are simply the Arquest Remixes.

CD 1 CD 2 (Extras)
  1. Undercover Agent For The Blues | Arquest Studio Mix
  2. Steamy Windows | Arquest Studio Mix
  3. Acid Queen | Arquest Studio Mix
  4. We Don’t Need Another Hero | Arquest Studio Mix
  5. What’s Love Got To Do With It | Arquest Studio Mix
  6. Typical Male | Arquest Studio Mix
  7. What You Get Is What You See | Arquest Studio Mix
  8. Help! | Arquest Studio Mix
  9. Private Dancer | Arquest Studio Mix
  10. Be Tender With Me Baby | Arquest Studio Mix
  1. Thief Of Hearts | Arquest Single Mix
  2. Open Arms | Alternate Take, 2004
  3. We Don’t Need Another Hero | Original  Studio Edit
  4. We Don’t Need Another Hero | Alternate Studio Mix
  5. What’s Love Got To Do With It | Extended  Studio Mix
  6. Typical Male | Original Studio Mix
  7. Typical Male | Instrumental Mix
  8. Typical Male | Live Edit
  9. We Don’t Need Another Hero | Studio Mix Demo
  10. Johny And Mary | Tina Turner vs. Robert Palmer | Duet Mix

The Album of Tina Turner - Arquest
The Album of Tina Turner – Arquest

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Tina Turner - Arquest Remixes
Tina Turner – Arquest Remixes


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