Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – Last Saturday, our annual Tina Turner Fan Party took place at the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam and it is fair to say that everyone left with stars in their eyes. We started celebrating Miss Tina’s birthday between fans at Anja’s place in Germany in 2010 with only a hand full of people and to think that seven years later we are here celebrating in a big club of the Dutch capital with an amazing singer, live band and fans from all over the world, it is truly unbelievable! After a year of intense and nerve wracking work, Anja, Marco, Sjef & I would like to thank you all for being a part of it and for making it a success again!

tina-turner-fan-birthday-party-tina-77-amsterdam-2016-walltina-turner-fan-birthday-party-tina-77-amsterdam-2016-entrance-postersBelow, a video of the amazingly talented Nurlaila Karim who performed an hour set of Tina Turner songs for us. Climax was reached during this intense version of I’ve Been Loving You Too Long. She simply put us all on our feet! A big thank you from all the fans to Nur & Mur for their involvement in our project! We love you!

Moreover, have a look at the wonderful photos made by the even more wonderful Dutch photographer Stephanie Pfundt. She captured the essence of the evening like no one and now we’ll have great memories to cherish forever! Thanks a lot Steph for your hard work and friendship!

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And to finish convincing you to really join us next year for TINA78, have a look at the comment written by fans who attended the event! Seems like fun no!?

Dear Tina Fans,
On my way home to Barcelona today I thought what a great weekend it was in Amsterdam celebrating Tina’s birthday with so many wonderful people. Really like a very happy family!
And all that regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, political or religious views, different cultures, languages and so on. For me, personally, that was the best part of it all. That there was so much love and harmony around! A feeling that will linger for a very long time to come.
Those who haven’t had the chance yet to come along you really should consider doing so next year. It’s truly worth it and surely you will be welcomed with open arms.
And a massive thank you to Anja Offermann and Ben A. Degrèse for organising it all. You guys put so much work and effort into this!
Thank you so much and see you all next year for #TINA78



Sitting at the airport, ready for boarding and recapturing the last days…
Thank you so much Anja and Ben for organising this memorable weekend. Like Martina mentioned this morning, this event hss come a long way! And it was worth every single second!
Time flies by and it was amazing to see a lot of familiar faces after more than 2 years again and meeting new people for the first time. When I don’t mention one of you guys, don’t take it personal, because there are so many people, but I would like to highlight the following members of the Tina family: Christian & Martina – great to have you back again! Kristian – putting posters on the wall, YMCA and so much more. 😉 Mihai – so glad that you could make it, keeping my fingers crossed for all the next steps you are planning!
We had a lot of teeth and smiles. So glad that you allow me to be a part of this great event.



Happy Thanksgiving… I am thankful for everyone that travelled to Amsterdam to party with us and send a donation long time ago so we were able to make financial commitments without risk. I am thankful for Ben – we were a great organizing team. I am thankful for Angelique and Johan who got us in contact with Nurlaila and Muriel… thankful for Nurlaila who gave us an outstanding amazing incredible performance. So glad everything worked out so well – renting locations for lots of money that we had never seen in reality before. Thanks to the internet for making it possible to organize everything from the comfort of your home in barmstedt. Thanks to the amazing technician who took care of an amazing sound. Thanks to Stephanie Pfundt Photography for taking hopefully amazing photos – thanks to all my nerdy friends for having a great time together – thanks to über for driving me back to my bed



This weekend was a blast! After 1 year seeing back my Tina family was absolutely fantastic…way to short but happy I could be part of the party of the year… despite our different backgrounds, coming all from different countries, other cultures, despite the age differences, there actually was no difference felt in any way at all. I only felt your energy and love. My special thanks not only go out to the organisers Anja Offermann and Ben but also to the ones who organised it in the past!!! Ofcourse I can’t thank Nurlaila Wolda-Karim enough for being you..and being with us sharing what you love most..singing Tina’s songs…Thank you Muriel Wolda for arranging everything and getting an ab fab band together and last but not least..I want to thank all the ones who were there this weekend for an unforgettable weekend! Love you all!



Tina Turner Fan Birthday Party - TINA 77 - Amsterdam 2016 26.jpg

See you all next year for #TINA78! 

14 Replies to “Celebrating TINA77”

  1. Merci de partager ces photos avec les fans de Tina💕Merci à toute l’équipe du site Web qui font un travail énorme. Je vous aime très fort💕💕Twenty Four Seven🎂Love🎷


  2. It was a great party weekend again. A big THANKS to BEN & ANJA and a HUGE THANK to NURLAILA !!! She was amazing and it was really nice meeting all you other tt nerds again !


  3. Great locations with amazing music from the greatest rock girl ever! What a great atmosphere, awesome seeing all those lovely people again. Thanks to everyone involved organizing it…it is always nerve breaking and alot of work, so thanks for that! I might not always be up front but know that some of you have a special place in my heart……!
    Although there will never be another Tina i must admitt that Nurlaila gave a great performance, especially ‘ I’ve been loving you toooooooooo long!’ That with a live band made it very nice too see and hear… so once again a supah thanks to Narlaila and her musicians. See you all soon!


    1. So happy that you came again this year Sidney, really happy to read that you had a good time and enjoyed the concert! See you very soon my Belgian friend! Be good! 🙂


  4. Eu queria muito está lá, com vocês, curtindo esse momento único de celebração pela vida de Tina. Talvez da próxima. Parabéns ao organizadores do evento.


  5. I’m so happy for you all having a great time celebrating our Rock Queen!! I wish I could join you at the next party!! Love & Happiness!!


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