Exciting news for all TINA fans,  Joop Van Den Ende, the producer of the TINA Musical, confirmed that workshops for the Musical will start on December 16 of this year and that the Musical will premiere in London in 2018! We can’t wait to know more about this and of course to experience it! See you all there!

5 Replies to “TINA The Musical: Opens 2018”

    1. But do know if Tina Turner will sing in The Musical too

      Becouse i.really would like to ser her
      .thank:s for all. An for Tina Turner too. Big kiss..


  1. DAMN IT! I want that picture to be the back or front cover of a new Jazz/Pop/Rock album! And, releasing an LP before or after the musical is released is such a great ONE, TWO punch! I know…she’s officially semi-retired, BUT….


  2. Will it be showing in the United States? I am from Utah, she is by far my favorite from the 80’s and 90’s, I saw her final tour and it was so awesome 👏 can’t wait, I have turned my daughter into a “Tina Turner” fan and bought her Autobiography love ❤️ her


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