You know it doesn’t get better than THE Turner’s live… Back in the 60’s & 70’s Ike & Tina Turner were one of the hottest touring band on earth. The mix of Ike’s musical genius and Tina’s breathtaking performances is still inspiring for millions of music lovers worldwide. Their story, as well as their music, is unique and now belongs to the collective memory. Unfortunately, the releases of Ike & Tina video concerts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So we have to content ourselves with old TV broadcast who would truly deserve a digital treatment…
We can only hope that someday some BluRay/HD release will surface. Until then, here is a new upload for all the Ike & Tina fans out there: Ike & Tina Turner live in Las Vegas back in 1971! Recorded live at the Caesar’s Palace, the show captures the rawness of their performance and songs are intersected with interviews of the notorious duo! Enjoy!

Sweet Soul Music
Interview with Ike & Tina
I Want To Take You Higher
Interview With Ike & Tina
Honky Tonk Woman
Everyday People (The Ikettes)
Interview with Ike & Tina
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
Interview with Ike & Tina
A Love Like Yours Don’t Come (Knocking’ Everyday)
Interview With Ike & Tina
Proud Mary
I Want To Take You Higher

2 Replies to “Diva Las Vegas”

  1. Hi I don’t know whether the talented & beautiful Tina will see this;, but after loving her songs for years; I too have been quietly looking and contemplating – where I am going (coming up to 60 this year) after years of mental abuse, have been ‘finding out’ who I really am through health, fitness, diet and through my love of music from playing an instrument… And after years of being ‘manipulated and told what to do, I finally found a space to break free’ – I now know that my life, will be given the chance to blossom so that each day theres a space for me in it, so that I can reach my true creative spirit, that was meant to be. My current path has aligned with your blog and music of which I am on a fascinating path of researching alternative mind methods, oneness, and trying to seek a spiritual path – with my journey of self-healing and finding out how I can combine this to give some help (via a service or other to help others) my search is still ongoing; but by chance, through music, I came across Tina’s blog and I believe her deep connection with music – with children and the spiritual context is truly amazing – I feel like I understand her connection with this, as I believe it has aligned with what I am trying to achieve with my own life – in some way going back to being me again, I intend to make up for the past mistakes I have made to find new connections and happiness with love. I find her new direction fascinating. I am so pleased I found it as I believe her hope, inspiration and love of music will give me strength to achieve my current goal(s) which is that I can become totally independent to earn my own income again to provide a service which helps others. With love and blessings. S


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