What would have little Anna Mae thought some 70 years ago back in Nutbush if someone had told that many moons later, her life and career would be celebrated worldwide? I was recently showing footage of Tina to a friend who isn’t familiar with Tina’s work and while watching the rocker arrival on stage in Amsterdam back in 1996 he declared in awe ‘She is like a Queen’. And although I had used the term ‘Queen’ many times to talk about T.T, it felt like I heard it differently this time and I don’t know why the piece of music by Grieg entitled ‘In The Hall of the Mountain King’ popped into my mind. I always thought it would be exciting to mix classical music with Tina’s wild performances and that’s how the idea for a video tribute celebrating Tina’s 6Oth Anniversary in the music business was born.

And the Mountain Queen sounds pretty appropriate for Swiss citizen Tina.
While 2017 had already been a really exciting year for fans, 2018 will bring the Queen of Rock back into the spotlight with many important events coming throughout the year.
First, March 2018 with the opening of the most anticipated musical of the year TINA, The Musical, in London. We’ve been waiting for it for years and the big day is only a couple of month away! You might also have heard that other Musicals based on the music of the like of Cher and Donna Summer to name a few will also soon see the light of day. Although they are often mentioned all together in articles, those are announced as jukebox musicals, unlike TINA which will offer the public a story, characters with depth, and a link between songs à la Mama Mia. The best of the best in terms of theatre production is working on the project at this moment and we can be confident that they won’t disappoint. Fans will gather one more time on the night of March 21st, stay tuned for more info!


Second, a follow-up to Tina’s 1986 biography ‘I,TINA’ will see the light of say in October 2018! Atria announced last December that the book would be published during fall of this year with the help of authors Dominik Wichmann and Deborah Davis. ‘Tina Turner: My Love Story‘ will also be released as an audio-book by Simon & Schuster.

And finally, 2018 will be the occasion to celebrate several milestones from Tina’s career such as the 30th Anniversary of the record-breaking Rio concert, the 10th anniversary of Tina’s last concert tour back in 2008/2009 or the 40th anniversary of the Rough album, to name a few. But of course, let’s hope that this year will bring some even more surprises and exciting TINA stuff!
Happy New Year Everybody!

18 Replies to “2018: A Very TINA Year”

  1. Merci à toute l’équipe du site de 🌜 Tina🌛pour ses images et vidéos🌞 Tout le meilleur🌜Good Energy⚡Big Kiss🌑🌒


  2. So pleased you ended the vid with BEYOND. This project seems to get overlooked by fans, media and the music industry. The great music and the packaging ensembles are all complete gifts. And the proceeds support such worthy needs. Let us always celebrate TINA. Thanks for your efforts. You rock as well.


  3. Tina it will be nice to see you visit the USA and visit my church and sing this little light of mine I’m going to let it shine


  4. Madam Tina Turner you are simply the Best! You are my mentor in many ways, many of us are growing older and looking at you makes me very encouraged! This little Light of Mines, I would love to hear you sing here in the US once again! Please let us know whenever you come back to the U.S. for appearances we would come wherever you are! With God’s help you have beaten the odds in health, vitality, morality and much more, so proud of you for making every black women proud to be black!


  5. I think Ms Tina Turner is a courageous beautiful woman! Ms Turner had version and filled her dreams. She is beautiful and smart! I’m glad she found happiness with her husband! What a beautiful wedding what a beautiful career! I will be looking for her musical! I came from and abused marriage but I got physically hurt! Soon to be 65 and greatful to my Heavenly Father Jehovah. I’m proud of you Ms Turner!!!


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