Foreign Affair (30th Anniversary Edition)

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1989, November, “Foreign Affair” is released. The 25th anniversary already passed in silence, but please not the 30th! Objection, you honor! We need and we want a proper anniversary release of a Tina Turner hit album this time. A nice box-set like in the good old times where they were still selling box-sets!

Open letter…

Dear record company,
dear successor of Capitol, surely EMI,
to whom it may concern,
as you maybe know (maybe not because we already witnessed the silent passing of 30 years “Break Every Rule” and sent our public letter in vain), Tina Turner will celebrate the 30th anniversary of her “Foreign Affair” album. We will celebrate it too here on the blog, ooooh, we will so celebrate it, you practically cannot miss it.
But , alas!, you need time for your own preparations. There are still some months to go until November – just in case you want to hit the right time and even benefit from something called “xmas season”. And of what kind shall your preparations be? We will tell you: a “Foreign Affair (30th Anniversary Edition)”, a nice box-set in the old, traditional way (where record companies still made money selling box-sets to people), several discs (a guide on what you should put on these discs will follow), a nice booklet with photos, maybe some extras (we always love surprises here at the blog). And why not make some money on the side?

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - Press Info - 1


We would strongly suggest a 3-CD-set, at least 3 CDs, that is. If you have more unreleased material somewhere in your vault, please don´t hesitate to include it in the package. Maybe, an LP-set (here, 3 might not be enough so you would need to add a fourth disc) could be nice, just for the fun of it.

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - Album Cover - 1

  1. The first disc contains the original album, of course. But as there will be some space left, the two B-sides and maybe the extra track from the same era should be included.
  2. The second disc has definitely enough space for mixes of “The Best” and “Steamy Windows” in all their remixed forms and versions. We won´t ask for the Jimmy Barnes version of “The Best” because it might be too much but if there are still 10 minutes left, just to remind you, there was an “edit” and a “full” version.
  3. The third disc finally should house more mixes and live recordings the “Foreign Affair” and “Look Me In The Heart” remixes plus the live B-sides. Oh, if you have more live versions from the “Woburn Abbey” show, this would be your chance to release it, finally.
CD 1
Original Album +
CD 2
Mixes I
CD 3
Mixes II & Live
  1. Steamy Windows
  2. The Best
  3. You Know Who (Is Doing You Know What)
  4. Undercover Agent for the Blues
  5. Look Me in the Heart
  6. Be Tender with Me Baby
  7. You Can’t Stop Me Loving You
  8. Ask Me How I Feel
  9. Falling Like Rain
  10. I Don’t Wanna Lose You
  11. Not Enough Romance
  12. Foreign Affair
  13. Bold And Reckless (B-Side)
  14. Stronger Than The Wind (B-Side)
  15. Break Through The Barrier (bonus)
  1. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix)
  2. The Best (Single Muscle Mix)
  3. The Best (Extended Muscle Mix)
  4. Steamy Windows (7“ Mix)
  5. Steamy Windows (7“ House Mix)
  6. Steamy Windows (12“ Vocal Mix)
  7. Steamy Windows (12“ House Mix)
  8. Steamy Windows (12“ Dub Mix)
  9. Steamy Windows (12“ House Dub Mix)
  1. Foreign Affair (One In A Million Club Mix)
  2. Foreign Affair (Heartbeat Instrumental)
  3. Foreign Affair (Heartbeat Mix)
  4. Foreign Affair (One In a Million Extended Mix)
  5. Foreign Affair (Special Feelings Instrumental)
  6. Foreign Affair (Heartbeat Edit)
  7. Look Me In The Heart (12“ Remix)
  8. Look Me In The Heart (Instrumental)
  9. Be Tender With Me Baby (Live)
  10. Steel Claw (Live)
  11. The Tina Turner Montage Mix


Tina Turner - Barcelona 1990 - 1

Now, that we´re having your attention we won´t let you off the hook. Sorry, this is how we are as we´ve been waiting for it already since the advent of the DVD era. There are 2 more discs! Yes! You are reading correctly. Two more discs:

  1. The video clips of all the hit singles from 1989 and 1990. Yes, there was a “Simply The Best” DVD but from a curator´s perspective, they should be released as a team on one disc. Oh, and plus “Be Tender With Me Baby” from Woburn Abbey, of course. Besides, you don´t happen to have the full show from that evening? Just wondering…
  2. Video cassette, Laser Disc, Video CD, and a mediocre release from Brazil with back cover photos from 1996…we expect more, namely a definitive DVD release of “Barcelona 1990”. You can ask the Rolling Stones how to release DVDs from concerts 20 or 30 or 40 years ago. They apparently know a tech geek who can pull that off.
  3. In order to give you the chance to surprise us we don´t show the expected third column but you reallllly should check for this Woburn-Abbey-show, really.
The Video Clips Barcelona 1990
Do You Want Some Action
  1. The Best
  2. I Don’t Wanna Lose You
  3. Steamy Windows
  4. Look Me in the Heart
  5. Foreign Affair
  6. Be Tender With Me Baby (live)
  1. Steamy Windows
  2. Typical Male
  3. Foreign Affair
  4. Undercover Agent
  5. Ask Me How I Feel
  6. We Don’t Need Another Hero
  7. Private Dancer
  8. Nutbush City Limits
  9. Addicted to Love
  10. The Best
  11. I Don’t Wanna Lose You
  12. What’s Love Got to Do with It
  13. Let’s Stay Together
  14. Proud Mary
  15. Better Be Good to Me
  16. Be Tender with Me Baby

14 Replies to “Foreign Affair (30th Anniversary Edition)”

  1. Hi, fantastic job, just..this is going to be send to the company…because only a stronge force that fans are really inn…can really work.
    They dont go to put on sale something if the fans are not buying.
    Unfortunelety Tina fans are not united to makes this realy work.


  2. This is a great idea, this album, tour was massive. The songs were great. I’m all in, let’s get a 30th anniversary set please. Thanks for putting this together.


  3. Great idea ! But I doubt that the record company is doing the necessary … unless there is a lot of money to be won !
    Too bad, if they do not because Foreign Affair is one of the best albums of the career of Tina !
    We cross our fingers …
    If need be send your letter in large numbers to Emi !…


  4. Shoot.. i tought it was coming a release!! Well its strange that after 200 mill sold albums, the biggest concert ticket sales of all time? They dont bother to rerelease her material, and her live concerts? Why arent they remastered and released on Blueray ? And the whole concerts not only some of the songs.. the 24/ opening concert was filmed and she sang many songs from the ike days as well as other dancing routines and costumes? Never to be seen again…. its even more sought after these days since she is retired.. its such a shame… the biggest legend of them all doesent get more attention than this.


  5. Parlophone should be working on this. About “Do You Want Some Action?”, there’s some songs left out from the concert, like Show Some Respect (I love the faster 90′ live version) and What You Get is What You See. The release of another concert, like the one in England mentioned on the letter, it would be great. I agree that Parlophone/EMI haven’t been valuing a unique artist like Tina, her studio work and live performances. She performed in almost all places (and stadiums) in this world and most of them were filmed, we would like to see her concerts other than the “officials” ones released, material for great DVD’s releases.


  6. This is a very beautiful idea! I’m surprised that official labels have not released yet, especially concerts on DVD (“Do You Want Some Action ?!” and “Break Every Rule” HBO). This is a great neglect. After all, concerts and re-releases of other – much less popular – artists appear. It’s hard to understand. In addition, there is certainly a rich archive of recordings from every Tina tour. Why doesn’t anyone think about releasing them on DVD or BlueRay? I dream about the concert from the first part of the Private Dancer tour in 1984. That would be a sensation! Not just for fans. Of course, the reissue of the album “Foreign Affair” in the shape you suggest here is very much needed and even necessary. Your development is perfect. Later, we should apply for the “Break Every Rule” reissue, even before the 35th anniversary in 2021. Let’s fight for it. Best wishes!


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