2016 is already two months old and so far, we did not hear anything from Tina Turner, her record company or anybody else about a mandatory ‘de luxe edition’ and commemorative box set of her “Break Every Rule” album which turns 30 this year. What we heard, however, were literally a dozen requests from our readers for such a release so that we feel compelled to cry out for help in this matter: We want “Break Every Rule” released in a spectacular 30th anniversary edition! (By the way, Thanks for ‘Private Dancer 30th Anniversary’ last year Mr Bach!)

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - 12 and 7 Inch Releases
Tina Turner – Break Every Rule – 12 and 7 Inch Releases

Just to be clear about this: this is not really a mere suggestion or a hint that such a release is absolutely essentially necessary and highly awaited but rather a demand. Just think of it as an online petition. But we safe you the burden of reading through our Excel sheets with all the names and email addys and simply call a spade, a spade here.

And because demands of such kind do not come with much politeness, we already know what we can offer: buying and streaming and make Tina trend on Twitter and Facebook. Speaking of which, we know that someone is now tweeting on her behalf so there must be something going in the background. And the someone who is responsible for that something better makes sure that we can use our credit cards on the fantastic “Break Every Album – 30th Anniversary Edition”.

De Luxe Edition Tracklist

Just to make sure that you have all the tracks ready and really really really dive deep into the archives and find the relevant material we already designed a track list for you. In fact, listing all the titles was easy because we only did some accounting and penciled down what we could find on our 7 and 12 inch releases.

We doubt that a 2 CD package will be enough because Tina released so many mixes and extended versions in 1986 that they won´t fit on only one CD. But we say: who cares? There are other artists like Donna Summer who released some of her albums as 3-CD-boxes incl. even the dub and instrumental versions. Kylie Minogue, however, also released her first 4 albums in nicely designed boxes incl. a DVD containing TV appearances from the promo tours of these albums. Just saying…

CD 1 CD 2 & 3
  1. Typical Male
  2. What You Get Is What You See
  3. Two People
  4. Till The Right Man Comes Along
  5. Afterglow
  6. Girls
  7. Back Where You Started
  8. Break Every Rule
  9. Overnight Sensation
  10. Paradise Is Here
  11. I’ll Be Thunder
  12. Don’t Turn Around
  13. Havin’ A Party
  14. Take Me To The River
  15. A Change Is Gonna Come
  16. What You Get Is What You See (Live in London 1987)
  17. Paradise Is Here (Live in Dortmund 1987)
  1. Typical Male (Dance Mix)
  2. Typical Male (Dub Mix)
  3. Two People (Dance Mix)
  4. Two People (Dub Mix)
  5. Two People (Tender Mix)
  6. What You Get Is What You See (Single Edit)
  7. What You Get Is What You See (Dance Mix)
  8. What You Get Is What You See (Rock Mix)
  9. Break Every Rule (Single Mix)
  10. Break Every Rule (Dance Mix)
  11. Break Every Rule (Dub Mix)
  12. Break Every Rule (Video Version)
  13. Paradise Is Here (Single Edit)
  14. Afterglow (Dance Mix)
  15. Afterglow (12 Inch Vocal Dance Mix)
  16. Afterglow (7 Inch Vocal Dance Mix)
  17. Afterglow (Tinapella Mix)
  18. Afterglow (Tina´s House Mix)
  19. Afterglow (Glowing Dub)

And we can even show you a prototype of how it could look like in our iTunes software. As we had to spend the last 30 years listening to the LP versions of the mixes and B-sides which we transferred to CDs in the 1990s and then to MP3 files somewhat later we have quite a clear picture of what we need …. but please without the scratches and digitally clear.

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - iTunes

Super De Luxe Edition

And while we´re at it, we could also call attention to a possible super de luxe edition. The Rolling Stones are notorious for up to 4 commemorative releases of their birthday albums what might be a bit too overdramatic and too extreme in the “Break Every Rule” case. But in case you use a flashlight and enter even deeper into Ali Baba´s caves of your record company´s historic treasures you might find video material. In particular, you might find the following item or information on their current whereabouts so that you might want to a DVD … or maybe two DVDs.

  • Video clips – Some of the promo videos from 1987 were released on video cassette (but not all) and then on the “Simply The Best” DVD (but even less). So, after 30 years it would be a good time to have the full package consisting of the two “Two People” clips, “Break Every Rule”, “Typical Male”, and “What You Get Is What You See” as well as “Paradise Is Here” – but especially the super secret “Overnight Sensation” clip!
  • “Break Every Rule” – Even if it is somehow a staged and therefore an artificial concert we still would like to add a DVD or even BluRay release to our LaserDisc and video cassette versions.
  • Dortmund 1987 – We know that the “Break Every Rule” and the “Paradise Is Here” video clips were shot there. So, no denial possible but only one question: where is the rest? After 30 years we finally need a full recording of a “Break Every Rule World Tour” show.
  • Stockholm 1987 – We got you on this, right? There was a TV special broadcast in Sweden with 20+ minutes footage from the show in Stockholm. Same question as before: where is the rest and can we please finally have it on DVD?

So, that was all. Dear Mr or Ms Record Company, don´t be shy and feel free to contact us in case you need more ideas, help with the artwork (just send us the HQ files of the photos and the font / logo) or some internet promotion, we won´t leave the room until we have what we crave for: the “Break Every Rule – 30th Anniversary Edition”. Jawohl!

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - Collage
Break Every Rule – Collage

17 Replies to “BER 30th Anniversary Edition”

  1. Random note – Am I the only who thinks Rihanna’s new song “Work” sounds like it ripped off Tina’s “All The Woman” from 24/7?


  2. Oh, good God, YES! I thought that, after PRIVATE DANCER, this was already a foregone conclusion? I liked all of your editorial ideas/choices. What I would be most intrigued by would be, the multitude of demos that were performed by Tina, in lieu of BER: Apparently, there was enough material for a double album (which it could’ve/should’ve been…like Private Dancer), w/ additional producers (incl. Steve Lillywhite and Bryan Adams), and other songwriters. I know that Olivia Newtown-John’s classic, “Toughen Up” was one of the songs that Terry Britten offered to Tina, and she said it wasn’t “Tough enough”, so he gave it to his other collaborator, Olivia, who made it great single and opening to her 1985 SOUL KISS LP (however, imagine if Tina had sung background on the chorus of that song?! Uh!). I think there STILL are pearls to be found in the vaults and on the tapes. I hope this isn’t, YET AGAIN, a case where We Fans have a better grasp of what’s going on with THE LEGACY than the powers that be? It would be nice to get a 30th Anniversary edition upon the ACTUAL 30th Anniversary.


  3. What a tremendous amount of excellent work you have put into all this, including the masterfull CD collection with titles and artwork! Hope Tina sees all that you have done, and the record company acts on it!


  4. Yes, my dear Mr or Ms Record Company, this is a demand! And if you find some more material that wasn’t listed here, please add it too (we wouldn’t mind if you include some demos, too). We all thank you in advance!


  5. The complete back catalogue of Tina Turner is very neglected. I wonder why. It is a pity. We do not get deluxe editions of albums, no box sets, not even new digitally remastered editions of her studio albums, no video collection etc. – mostly all other artist do. Perhaps there are some copyright reasons? It is a pity.


  6. That Dortmund concert audio is available on the Paradise is Here bootleg. It could be properly released with great sound quality as well. And also, let’s not forget the Rio 88 concert. That one should be released on DVD with great sound too, bit also with all 19 songs and in the correct order.


  7. HI Hi Hi!

    Absolutely rght right right!
    But how this information could go to the companie?
    Why not a petition with lots ofsignatures to go to their office?
    Mr Back also is a precious help no?
    Otherwise it would not happen!

    Tina forever


  8. Hi,

    “Paradise is here” single edit?
    Not on the single of the song…from where?
    Maybe some versions are not official so would be hard to put them on a official Cd…but theres a lot of othres…KEEP FINGERS CROSS that someone sees this!!!
    All the best, Pedro


  9. Hi! So still no news from a possible edition on the 30th of BER!!
    We must write to record company to push this, lets do it together!


  10. Hi. I love the idea of celebrating BER and I deeply appreciate your listing. It’s thoughtful and very realistic to do, but we never know the demand of the record company and management. I wanted to make sure you included the often times – not seen video for “Girls”. It’s really underground and it’s basically a performance/fashion shoot with Tina and she pays homage to her favorite designer at the time Azzendine Alaia. It was a bonus track from her HBO show. Here’s a link from YouTube.


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