Tina Turner in Zurich (2016).png
Photo Credit: Davide Caenaro (Instagram)

A very nice and candide shot of Tina Turner (76) emerged today on Instagram! Taken earlier today in the streets of Zurich, it seems that the Rock legend graciously agreed to pose in front of a young admirer! Not very Swiss protocole but let’s admit it, it must have taken some guts and the guy got lucky!

Anyway, always nice to see Miss Turner unexpectedly, looking happy & healthy!
Have a look at Davide Caenaro’s Instagram Website!

25 Replies to “A One In A Million Chance…”


  2. Still looking good. I keep thinking that she should have some sort of involvement in the tribute to David Bowie. Lady Gaga doesn’t seem the right choice to me. Nile Rodgers, Iggy Pop, etc. are better choices, along with Tina.

    1. Please think of Tina’s privacy and relaxing time. It IS her time now, she’s given everything to her fans and we’re all so grateful. This time now is for herself, to enjoy life her way. Thanks for the good times lovely lady.

      1. Hey SnowOwl, i think everybody here respects Tina’s privacy and wish her the best of times for her retirement! But that doesn’t mean we can’t miss her 😉
        Thanks for commenting!

  3. Tina you are such an inspiration to me and all women out there can draw from your determination and success.
    Come visit us in South Africa and speak to us as a motivational speaker. A concert will also be appreciated.

  4. I love you Mrs. Bullock Bach. I have been following you since I was a little boy musically (I listen to you everyday). Now I also follow you spiritually as well. Thanks for being a good role model for me and the live energy that I needed to see that look like “me” (my elders..etc). Love you always and thanks for that “Mothers Love”. You seem like a mother to me just so far away.

    Love always,


  5. Tina Turner has class and style that is nowhere to be found in today’s music world! She is still very HOT AND BEAUTIFUL @ 74!! What a woman! I love TINA TURNER!

  6. I said earlier that she looks great at 74. I see she is 76. Even beautiful at 76! She should be on t.v. selling her age defying secrets. She looks better than all the ones selling products for beauty on t.v.. As I said before All CLASS AND STYLE!

  7. Recovering from hip surgery. I was laying in bed trying to find a position that wasn’t painful when the universe stopped for a second and I wondered where is Tina Turner. That brought me to “Tina Turner Blog.” Now, I can have a pain-free snap.

  8. I prayed for you today as I watch the old movie, what’s love got to do with it”. I sent love, light, health and peace to you in abundance from God and the universe! Love you so much and miss you!

  9. Tina, You’re The Best, Better Than All The Rest, Better Than Anyone…….Forever, for me… If I had a last wish it would be for you to sing that song to my grand daughter, Ava Domini, so she knows that she can be the best in the future. She sings and is on Youtube, and every time she does a show I always tell her “You’re The Best, Better Than All The Rest, and I play your video. You are the best for me, I am 70 and been your fan since I was 18. You are the Best to me, Marni

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