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Private Dancer “30th Anniversary”

After the announcement of the Japanese release of Tina Turner’s Private Dancer album, the Queen milestone album is also being re-released by Warner UK to celebrate its 30th anniversary. A special edition of the legendary singer’s album will be put … Continue reading


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Private Dancer “30th Anniversary” Track list

Tina Turner’s classic album Private Dancer was a huge global success on its release in June 1984 and became Tina Turner’s breakthrough solo album, thanks in part to an 18-month single release schedule that saw no fewer than seven songs … Continue reading


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Private Dancer “30th Anniversary” Edition

Pre-Order “Private Dancer” 30th Anniversary Edition here!  Better late than never!? Who would have thought that, Tina Turner’s milestone album Private Dancer might finally receive the credits it deserves… from Japan.


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Iconic photos: Private Dancer Live

In our series about iconic Tina Turner photos we selected this time a famous concert photo from the 1985 tour. It pretty much summarizes everything about the mid-80s rock style and fashion, namely jeans and leather. Furthermore, it adds certain … Continue reading


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Private Dancer – Video Clips

The 1980s saw the rise of the music video clip – and Tina Turner followed the rule: every single release needed a video. So, no wonder that we can enjoy “three plus one and another one” video clips from the … Continue reading


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Private Dancer – The Milestone Album

In a career of 50+ years you will find many ups and downs and probably more highlights than anywhere else but there still might be the one and only super-nova which outshines everything else. Tina Turner´s “Private Dancer” album is … Continue reading


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Free Your Inner Private Dancer

Tina Turner´s mega hit “Private Dancer” creates a vast collection of images in the  mind of the listener: the private dancer (or – a little bit spiced up – the exotic dancer), the complicated and not-so-desirable man/woman situation, and the … Continue reading


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The Big “Private Dancer” – Parade

Maybe you have heard about the releasometer, the latest invention of the old-world brick-and-mortar music industry where record companies actually sold records and not playlists. And in that outdated world, you used to be bombarded with various releases of albums … Continue reading


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Tina Turner – Private Dancer Tour Book

A new tour, a new program. Tour book always existed in some sort of way but back in the 80’s and the development of merchandising, artists and management put efforts in creating more sophisticated programs that are now cherished items … Continue reading


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Tina Turner – Private Dancer Daily Mail edition – 2008

19 October 2008 : This weekend’s The Mail on Sunday brings readers a sensational free cd rock diva Tina Turner’s brilliant album Private Dancer.


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