With the release of TINA this week on HBO and SKY, it seems that it reminded some people that they had TINA treasures to share.

The first one came with love from Russia. It’s been a long-time dream for fans to finally get another concert from the Wildest Dreams Tour (or any other to be honest) and it finally happened earlier this month.

The anticipation was high and although the concert wasn’t fully uploaded, it is a total gem. The shots are very professional, the colors, the editing, everything is perfect and most of all, TINA looks splendid and is on fire, giving her best to awake the dead Russian audience.

The second treasure came from the AP.

Last evening, the agency put online 25 minutes of rushes from TINA’s concert rehearsal in Zurich back in 2000. Thanks to the efforts of superfan Logan, it seems that they decided to share this incredible footage with the world.

A great treat for all of us, this video is incredible, it’s a very interesting look at Tina’s work behind the scenes and clearly, you realize how easy she is to work with and what a joy it is for others to be around her.

Also uploaded, the first 22 minutes of Tina’s concert at the immense Letzingrund of Zurich on June 29, 2000.

Podcast lovers will also have their kick this week with two new podcasts about TINA:

The first one is a podcast from Factual America published yesterday featuring an interview of Simon and Jonathan Chinn, the producers of the new TINA documentary.

The two co-founders of Lightbox have worked on such acclaimed documentaries as Searching for Sugarman (2012), Man on Wire (2008), LA 92 (2017), and Whitney (2018).

Simon and Jonathan talk about how they discovered new ways of telling Tina’s story, the revelations that they uncovered about Tina while making the film and what it takes to make a great documentary. 

Listen to the episode now!

And to finish today’s news, a new show from the ‘For The Girls’ podcast, hosted by Nick and Jason!

Jason and Nick are two queer people with a healthy obsession with Bette Midler, Whitney Houston, Elaine Stritch, Liza Minnelli, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner and each other.

And today’s episode is about our legendary Queen and their guest is an old Tina fan from France… me.

Thank you for inviting me guys, I had a great time talking about TINA with you! Enjoy everybody!

Listen to the episode now!

12 Replies to “Treasures and Podcasts”

  1. Vous n’avez rien en Français ???

    Le mer. 24 mars 2021 à 12:47, Tina Turner Blog a écrit :

    > Ben posted: ” With the release of TINA this week on HBO and SKY, it seems > that it reminded some people that they had TINA treasures to share. The > first one came with love from Russia. It’s been a long time dream for fans > to finally get another concert from the Wil” >


  2. I’ve never come across this Youtube video of Tina performing in Russia. It was really good quality and she looked great with an audience that was so close to her on stage. It was a subdued crowd but I’ve seen the same dynamic where Tina’s taken her tour in parts of Europe before her comeback. She hailed Grace Jones as the most beautiful Black woman in the world. I love them both.


  3. Dear Ben, thank you for your cooperation on the “For The Girls” podcast. You made it a great episode! Merci pour tout le travail que t’as fait!


  4. Shirley Rios
    Março, 24.2021 Às 17:116
    Tina is fantastic, she is the best singer and performer in the world. Tina is charismatic! Fame did not disappear in his head. I take my hat off to her.


  5. A tempo, consertando, tina não deixou a fama lhe sumir à cabeça, pois ela é muito simples ao se dirigir aos fãs. É acessível , e sempre se apresentou com muito amor pela arte e pelos fãs.


  6. Special thanks for the documentary💕 Un special merci à tous ceux qui mettent les vidéos à notre service. Merci Ben❤️💋💕🎈pour tout. Big kiss🎀🎀


  7. Dear Tina,
    Continue to live your golden life.
    Keep marching to the rhythm within you.
    Simply the best,better than all the rest I have ever seen.
    Continue to take,care,of,yourself .God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Gracias por mantenernos al día. Ojalá vean lo amada que es todavía Tina y remastericen sus CD y DVD. Todavía hay Tina para mucho tiempo


  9. I commented in the rehearsal video that this is what we fans wanted to see for ages, all other bands have tons of backstage/rehearsal footage but Tina, even surrounded by cameras, we hardly see one on the web, I hope this is changing and more of that stuff are been posted for our pleasure 🙂 at the AP Archive website they even have the recording “audience camera” from Zürich, it’s nice to see the reactions, and I even saw familiar faces from the Wembley concert there, Tina’s fans are the best ❤


  10. Thank you Ben for posting all of this!! I especially loved the “For the Girls” podcast with YOU in it. Your conversation with the boys and the songs they played were a great reminder of Tina’s catalogue and some of the songs I don’t always play as often as the hits. It was so so great to hear her roaring vocals again…the power of her voice and spirit really shines through!! Thank you again! xx


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