Tina Turner – A Current Affair tv interview – Australia – 1993

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A 1993 tv interview on the Australian show A Current Affair, for the promotion for Tina Turner’s 1993 album, movie and tour What’s Love Got To Do With It. During the interview, Tina is confronted with footage of an earlier interview with her ex-husband Ike Turner, which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. However, Tina manages to get through the interview gracefully, simply explaining ‘I don’t want to start an argument with Ike Turner via satellite’. Very interesting interview!

13 Replies to “Tina Turner – A Current Affair tv interview – Australia – 1993”

    1. Yes, she did really well, very impressive she remained calm. I’m sure she must have been quite upset afterwards. This is probably the reason that she doesn’t like to do interviews, because sometimes they surprise you like this. I wonder whether she was not informed of this in advance?


  1. Tina remained professional, but you could see the hurt and emotion flicker across her face. Ike was brutal emotinally and physically to Tina, all I can say is she certainly had the last laugh.


  2. When I look at it looks for me like she is ashamed of him. But like the forum master said, this interview is very interesting. What´s so interesting in it? It is the fact that she said that she knew about Ike´s brutallity and mental problems BEFORE getting his wife. And that gives the whole Ike-and-Tina-Story especially the image of Tina Turner as the victim of this man a radical turn.
    By the way, in this interview she doesn´t looks like she was really over it.


  3. Tina ALWAYS said she knew how violent he was, Before she even met him in the club one of his names was Pistol-Whipping Ike Turner. From every interview I have seen of her discussing this at length, she always mentioned some way that Ike was always violent but “People always loved him because that’s how he was.”

    And to me, she DOES look like she is over it in the interview. There is some obvious annoyance at having to do this interview, and she seemed to be “looking” at Ike like he was an idiot lol


    1. I don´t have such an interview yet (and i have many). which ones do you mean? just some examples please.
      And yes that´s what i meant. she looked at him like at an idiot and ashamed about being confronted with such an idiot. being over it would mean (in my view) that i except my former choice and stand to it. no need to be ashamed then…


      1. You can read “I, Tina”, watch The Girl From Nutbush. She alludes pretty much that Ike had a violent reputation.

        She also mentioned that he was also very charming and manipulative in that she made him feel sorry for him that whenever he helped someone get a hit record, they would abandon him. When you combine that kind of play on someone’s emotions plus Tina’s very unstable childhood (She met him at 15 by the way), it is a recipe for that kind of toxic relationship.

        And someone can be ashamed of a mistake but still take ownership of their mistake. People are not ROBOTS. People can feel multiple emotions concurrently.

        And the fact that she was able to rebuild her life despite her struggles shows she has indeed moved on. If she did not move on she would not have been able to succeed because she would have been too overburdened with shame and animosity to do anything positive.


    2. No Peter, didn´t found it. Watched “Girl from Nutbush” now and rushed above “I Tina” and didn´t found anything like that. In this interview here the statement stands in the context of violence against women concretely.
      I don´t know her personally so I don´t want to analyse whether it is this way or another. But there was a very good documentary on VH1 (I think in 1997 or 1999) where her son Ronny cried and said he never talked with his mother about the things that happened until now. That sounds like she might have GONE further and over it but WAS not over it until then. If so you would speak to your son when he has the need. In this interview here she is very professional, yes, but she is not calm or in peace with it AT ALL (just look at her face).
      The reason why I´m doubtful about Tina´s past is that I think some things are strange. Like: She wasn´t asked that much in interviews about her past with Ike UNTIL she published the book (I don´t know ONE interview). If that was the reason it would have been enough not to answer those questions for about two years and nobody would ask anymore.
      Then, some people say she wrote the book to save her succes (on the back of Ike) which is definitely not true because she already was at the peak of her success before the book became successfull.
      I think 80% of the fans she got in the 80´s didn´t even knew that she was successfull before when they became fans (like me and many others that i know). So there was no need to get this story published in case of success.
      So i don´t understand many things about this whole thing. To me, the whole thing makes only sense if it would be like that:
      Anna Mae Bullock knew very early what she wanted and was never a victim of the circumstances but knew what she wanted and knew she had the strengh to pay the price for it.
      That would make her image less clean-handed but would be more healthier. (There are also some sources and insider storys that hint in that direction)


      1. I think you did not find anything in the sources I mentioned because you did not want to find them. Tina has pretty much stated many times that Ike had a violent reputation from the very beginning. And even if she did not “know” at 15 years old (when they met), I’m sure a few weeks around him was enough to confirm.

        So I am not sure why you are trying to make it seem like at the age of 15, Tina convinced Ike to sign her and made a conscious decision to be abused for 14+ years just so she could become a huge star on her own. I find it intriguing that you consider her to be that calculating at such a young age.

        Also I do find some of your analyses do be a bit “black and white” with no “gray area”. Human beings do not function in the way you describe. You are saying that since she did not speak to her son about it at length and since she makes odd faces in the interview it means she was still completely bound and overburdened by her past at the time of this interview. That kind of thinking is lacking in nuance as people do not operate in such a “clean” fashion. There will always be a bunch of emotions that exist within people, sometimes simultaneously.


    3. It is the first time i heard her say that she knew about this kind of brutallity (against women, not the reputation about being a playboy) before and i don´t see why i should want to ignore the statements she did before in that direction. Sure it can be that i´m wrong and if so just quote an extract then. I don´t have the need to start a controversy here.
      By the way I don´t think she has calculated to get a superstar, she just might have seen her only chance there to get away from a life she didn´t wanted to live and paid the price for another live. And I don´t want to say that it is this way or another (how should i know), I just think that the image some people have about Tina Turner is a bit black & white and my view is one of the tons of grey between it …
      Happy New Year for you all.


  4. I’ve never seen Tina make those facial expressions before. I’m sure many people, and certainly coddled superstars, would have up and left that interview. But not our professional TT!

    I liked how she was able to close that book calmly so to speak during the interview and the immediate turn to passionate, positive energy she had about talking about her upcoming rugby performance. That’s our girl!


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