January 22, 2000: Tina at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France

12 years ago today, Tina Turner was at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France. She performed the song When The Heartache Is Over from her album Twenty Four Seven. She was also presented with an honorary award, given to her by French actor Alain Delon. Continue reading for the video and a few more photos. Big thank you to Nicolas for the video!




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11 responses to “January 22, 2000: Tina at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France

  1. mark

    enjoyable as always!

  2. Ciao Tina Turner tu perme sarai sempre Simply The Best cioè la migliore cantante del mondo intero e ti mando un grande bacio ciao


  4. beto garofalo

    great great great big thanks

  5. DJ

    To be honest: I don’t like the outfit at all. It makes her look a bit ”cheap” and even older in stead of younger. Sorry Tina, but I don’t think this is an Armani design… And I never like her lip sync…

  6. Carla Alcide

    Yeah, I don’t fancy that outfit either; but Tina is an absolutely great singer and performer. She is just ‘Simply the best, better than all the rest….’ Love you Tina!

    • I like the outfit actually, it looks very nice in the promotional photographs. However, it is not really suiting for a live performance, it looks very uncomfortable. Very daring for a 60-year-old!

  7. Faye

    Agreed, I don’t like the outfit either, but Tina is still and always will be the best. Great performance too, as always.

  8. tinas biggest fan

    tina looks hot , sexier than ever but i agree i dont likeit either but tinas still hot and sexy, we are very proud of ya tina and we all love ya xoxoxoxoxox i know i do

  9. Boudewijn

    I dont like this ‘dress’ on stage but on the photo’s it looks sensational. I wondered why she did not wear high heals with this one during this performance. Those shoes doesn’t fit the dress. And playbacking…yes…it is difficult for Tina.

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