Tina tries… With A Little Help From Her Friends

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Ike & Tina Turner performing their version of the Beatles classic With A Little Help From My Friends, also famous in the version of Joe Cocker. This recording is from Ike & Tina’s concert at the University of Maine in Gorham, United States on March 24, 1974. Although Tina has a bad cold, for which she apologizes at the beginning of the song, she still delivers a smoking hot version of this song.

5 Replies to “Tina tries… With A Little Help From Her Friends”

  1. Anyone have a list of the Beatles songs Tina have song?
    I know Help, Come together, Get back , and A little help from my friends. Cant remember if there is more.. Please help.
    PS: Thanks for all the good work on this site 🙂


    1. As far as i can remember she also recorded “She came in Through the Bathroom window” (“The World of Ike& Tina Live!” & “Feel Good” Lp’s) and ‘Let It Be”(“Working Together” Lp). There’s also a video of Tina, Cher and Katie singing a “Beatles Medley” during a Cher Show.
      Thanks for your compliments and visiting the blog Sonny! 🙂


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