Tina Turner christens Küsnacht’s rescue boat

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Credit: Reto Schneider/ZSZ)
Credit: Reto Schneider/ZSZ)

Big surprise last saturday when Tina Turner inaugurated the new rescue boat of Küsnacht, the town where she lives since 1995.
“Ich taufe dich Tina” (“I christen you, Tina”), declared the singer in German, wishing the boat a good luck and a save journey. More info on the Zurichsee Zeitung website!

Also, a publication of  Kusnacht’s civil status, revealed that Tina Turner is now officially a Küsnacht citizen  (being referred as Turner-Bullock Tina). Continue reading to have a look at it.

Tina Turner Swiss Citizenship

9 Replies to “Tina Turner christens Küsnacht’s rescue boat”

  1. The lower document just stats that she has become a Citizen of Küsnacht – not a swiss citizen. The headline says “foreigners who were granted citizen rights” – so she is still not officially swiss


  2. Very cool. Knowing she is busy with Children Beyond, I think a rescue boat called to her is a great idea. Reading the document she didn’t seem to gave up her ‘own’ last name (Turner – Bullock).


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