Tina Turner on Oprah’s Next Chapter trailer

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Tina Turner & Oprah - Oprah's Next Chapter preview - August 2013

Watch a  sneak preview of much anticipated  Tina Turner interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.  The video is available to watch worldwide thanks to AOL! Have a look inside the post for screenshots.


21 Replies to “Tina Turner on Oprah’s Next Chapter trailer”

  1. I’m so excited to see Tina in an interview, be such a long time. I do miss her presence in the entertainment world. Thanks for updating us guys.


  2. I already set my dvr for this! CAN’T wait!!! 🙂 Thanks guys for the update! We’ll finally hear a bit more from Erwin. Gosh She looks AMAZING!!!!


  3. The woman (ahem…sorry, The Queen) looks good at 73. She HAS to do that JAZZ album in the near future, I swear! I will be watching this on Sunday, no doubt. As always, LOVE THE HAIR!


    1. I would definitely go for a Jazz with some of the stuff you mentioned in you previous post but i don’t expect anything like that to be announced on Oprah (i could be wrong). I think it will depends on the people’s reaction and feedback than they (Roger Davies and Tina Turner) might decide to do something. Swiss Citizenship + Vogue + Wedding + Oprah brought a lot of light on Tina again, i think they should capitalized on that and bring some new music and a bit of live. I am pretty certain that every day people would also still come to see Tina Turner singing live in smaller places in a different style.
      Anyway, that was only my 2 cents on the subject, who will live we’ll see!
      Thanks commenting Anthony!


  4. I hope i can watch it over here in the UK!
    Tina Turner and Oprah together again plus Erwin Bach replacing Cher! Tell the Truth!!!!


  5. i hope something creative is coming from all this attention she’s getting. it’s a great year for fans who enjoy seeing how she looks, what she wears, etc…
    it hasn’t been good for years for fans who are more interested in her music instead of her private life. No studio album since 1999 😦
    At least it’s great for all of us to see how happy she is with her life now.


  6. I think Tina is truly retired from the big rock tours, and I’m happy she is. She’s been in the public eye since the late 1950s, and the gifts she’s shared with the world are innumerable. She’s happy, content and with the man she loves, that puts me (a fan) at ease.

    I would love for her (if she does anything) to promote her BEYOND albums more, establish a global conversation in the minds of young people about tolerance, acceptance, peace and love. I have always loved Tina because her positive energy is infectious and jumps out at you whether watching her on television or in person. She has a gift that extends beyond the stage.

    I look forward to this interview.


    1. Yes, wonder when that new beyond album will be released. i loved the first beyond album and really look forward to it. Hope and expect it will be much better than ‘children beyond’


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