Back to 1999: Tina Turner is heavily promoting her latest studio album Twenty Four Seven. Wheels started to turn for Tina after her incendiary  performance during VH1’s Divas Live and after the cancelation of a tour with Elton John, she went her own way. Massive promotion across the ocean for what would be Tina’s last album and last stadium tour. A new upload today, thanks to Kristian from Norway, with this video interview of Tina a couple of days before her appearance at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo! Looking fantastic, Tina talks about her latest hit When The Heartache Is Over, music and peace!

6 Replies to “‘I Don’t Sing About My Past’”

  1. Timing is everything. I volunteered of find encouraging music articles for my [newly] group of older singer’s and how to attract younger singer’s. I worked on composing a song myself. To find this early morning was all about the timing and this article is spot on.


  2. My fear Tina Turner. Yo’re very nice to come to US much’re know. Do many people could’nt have ser your you saída. This energy. And to many others ser becouse line you havê changed to the best. We can to. The word can too. Evebary van allways lieeve with lover…
    Please i’me from Brasil and i’m in Switerland would line to ser if you can arreng s especial entrence for the Show in Zurich and Sursee. Thank’s a lot. Big hug…


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