Blog Interview: TJ Martin & Dan Lindsay, Director’s of ‘TINA’

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TINA, the documentary was a huge success in the USA and in the UK and now it’s coming to Europe!

To mark the occasion I had the chance to ask TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay the two directors of the movie more about the making of the film and their relationship with Tina.

The interview is one hour long, they are timestamps in the video description on YouTube so you can jump directly to the following the topics.


  1. Intro
  2. The success of ‘TINA’
  3. Meeting Tina Turner
  4. Chateau Algonquin
  5. People magazine interview
  6. Tina interview tapes
  7. The archives
  8. Rhonda Graam and her material
  9. Ike and Tina Turner’s L.A house
  10. The score of ‘TINA”
  11. Alternative openings to ‘TINA’
  12. Nutbush, TN
  13. ‘TINA’ release in Europe
  14. Tina Turner’s work on film
  15. Learning from Tina Turner
  16. Awards chances?
  17. Final Words

Find out if ‘TINA’ is playing in theaters near you on TINA.FILM

14 Replies to “Blog Interview: TJ Martin & Dan Lindsay, Director’s of ‘TINA’”

    1. They are awesome! I am far from being a good interviewer and I am awfully stiff but I really wanted to talk to those guys!
      Thank you for your comment and support for the TINA Blog Danja! ❤️


  1. dear ben, THANK YOU for another awesome piece of work – you truly are the Living Archivist of Tina! All your work is thoughtfully and lovingly woven and edited. Every ounce of your time and energy is deeply appreciated. One feedback: I feel the background sound track on this unnecessary and distracting. The content is strong enough on its own to not need background music.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Lee,

      Thank you so much for your comment and kind words 🙏🏽
      Regarding the video, I struggled with that background music, wondering if I should add one or not. So I hear you and I’ll not forget it for future uploads. ☺️
      Thank you again for your comment and kind support, it is greatly appreciated ❤️


  2. Ben, This was a great interview. Thank you for sharing! Love ya! Sonia

    Sonia Outlaw-Clark Director *West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center/ Tina Turner Museum* *Visit Brownsville TN* 121 Sunny Hill Cove Brownsville TN 38012 731-779-9000


  3. Very good interview and such amazing documentary! But in my modest opinion it was another missed opportunity to show to the fans and the new generations more about the amazing solo career Tina had…to much focus in her past with Ike…
    Thanks for your hard work and commitment!


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