La Dolce TINA

TIna Turner Now - July 2017

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’ve probably seen this pictures before but everybody isn’t on social networks so here they are! A glamorous and healthy Tina Turner has been spotted last weekend enjoying the good life during a private event in Italy. Of course no one can resist having its picture taken with the legend which makes all the fans happy and jealous at the time! But most of all we are all thrilled to see Miss Tina enjoying the good life and in top form!

And as an extra bonus to begin the weekend if you haven’t seen it yet, a new video upload with this montage of TINA performing ‘Whatever You Want’ live back in 1996. The video is taken from the Johannesburg TV broadcast and the audio comes from the concert Tina gave in Brunei also that year. If anyone has a nice copy of the Johannesburg concert, don’t hesitate to contact me. The only copy in circulation is… well… you’ve seen it! Audio comes from soundboard recording, if you can use headphones to get the full experience! Enjoy!



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8 responses to “La Dolce TINA

  1. Aurda

    Tina you’re a beautiful lady I pray God will keep you full of joy,happiness,peace,and love.

  2. Vilmânia Leal

    É sempre uma delicia ver você Tina Turner. Beijos linda.

  3. Vilmânia Leal

    Sou louca por qualquer novidade sobre Tina Turner. É algo que me revigora. Preciso conhecê-la, preciso.

  4. Latanya johnson

    Love the song tina…god has truly blessed you…over the years..continue your signing…

  5. Yvonn

    Thank you Tina a true inspiration

  6. Pamela Cockrell

    I Love It ❤❤❤❤❤ i miss Ms. Tina

  7. patricia

    I am jelaous. I want picture with Tina too. And those women deserved it not, especially this first women at left. She looks so rude. I want a picture with Tina, she is wonderfull. I love her.

  8. Maya Islas

    Dear Tina….you are a soul of so much force and light, that it comes forth in your voice and body expressions. My favorite performance is “Proud Mary”
    you are like an icon of a woman who is also a goddess. You are blessed because you are a guide to others.

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