Last month, the Queen of Rock paid a special visit to the cast of TINA The Musical. After attending a performance of the Hamilton Musical the night before, the superstar appeared in a super form, smiling, taking photos and even showing some her legendary dance moves. Also, if you haven’t watched it yet, have a look at the second trailer uploaded by the Musical team focusing this time on Katori Hall, the author of the musical’s book!

A real pleasure to see TINA so involved in this project, surely a good omen for the future! There’s only a couple of weeks left before the grand opening in London, it is very likely that some more footage will surface before that, including the 3rd episodes of the TINA short series created by the Musical team! Stay Tune!

Photo credits: Johan Persson

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3 Replies to “TINA Attends Musical Rehearsals”

  1. Tina is everything thing you said. But you left something huge out of your description. She dances and performs like she is in her 20’s The Energizer Bunny can’t even come close!


  2. Tina is the best….. simply….the best🤗!!! We love you Tina! Please…..please….come back home. We miss you!

    Arlean S.
    In Euless, TX


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