TINA: ‘All The Best’ Interview

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When you are a mega star like Tina Turner and you release a new album, it is impossible to promote it everywhere and answer favorably to every interview request. And so Interview CD’s are distributed by the record company to radio stations or other media outlets, to promote  new release. Radio stations can use it in items about the new album. The All The Best interview CD features twenty three questions answered by TINA. The CD includes a list of questions. Listen to the interview below!

Listen to Break Every Rule Interview CD Here.

Listen to Twenty Four Seven Interview CD Here.


1. So, this is the first whole career retrospective for Tina Turner. I guess you must be mighty proud of your body of work. Do they all sound good to you?

2. There are 3 new tracks on the CD’s. How do you go about choosing that new material?

3. The first single is “Open Arms”. Tell us about your collaboration on that track (with Jimmy Hogarth)

4. Another new track is “Something Special”

5. Let’s talk about the track “Complicated Disaster”

6. Of course, “All The Best” also goes right back into the Ike and Tina Turner archive. “River Deep Mountain High”, for example

7. And the great old classic “Nutbush City Limits”…

8. We’ve also got “Proud Mary”, a classic written by Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty

9. Please tell us about meeting Lulu, and her writing “I Don’t Want to Fight”

10. Looking back to the start of your solo success, you hooked up with the English electronist as Heaven 17. And with them you recorded the Al Green classic “Let’s Stay Together”

11. Next up, “Private Dancer”, written for you by guitar wizard Mark Knopfler

12. One of your biggest hits is “What’s Love Got to do With it?” written by Terry Britten

13. Now, movie success, singing and acting in the “Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome” cinema smash, which spawned the classic “We Don’t Need Another Hero“

14. How did you get to meet up with David Bowie, and tell us about the “Tonight” duet?

15. “Break Every Rule” album produced hits like “Typical Male”…

16. Also from that album came the much more sensitive (Paul Brady song) “Paradise is Here”

17. Tell us about “Steamy Windows”, on which you worked with Tony Joe White

18. Another Terry Britten song is “I Don’t Wanna Lose You”

19. Now, I know it was a great thrill for you to be involved with the James Bond films. And your hit “Goldeneye” was written by Bono and The Edge of U2…

20. But you have a softer, slower side as well, well showcased “On Silent Wings”…

21. And you’ve recorded with Italian heartthrob Eros Ramazzotti​. Tell us about “Cose Della Vita”

22. And there’s another collaboration next. Your work for Disney with Phil Collins on “Great Spirits” from Brother Bear…

23. And finally, we can’t leave this “All The Best” double CD without talking about the monster track “Simply The Best”
Tina-Promo-All-The-Best-Interview- CD

More about TINA’s Discography on The World of TINA

4 Replies to “TINA: ‘All The Best’ Interview”

  1. Love it – Amazing how she just savages “Open Arms!” I wish she had followed her gut and put out something worthy of her.


  2. I dont think (do correct me uf I am wrong) Tina sang ”Paradise is here” at Woburn Abbey, but she ended with ”Be tender with me baby” .
    During Foreign Affair Farewell Tour in 1990 (as it was called in the beginning) she always ended with ”Be tender..”


  3. All these interviews are great, Tina is not only a powerhouse and talented but she is very well spoken and intelligent. She often mentions the styles of music she has sung and what she enjoys singing and styles that she is tired of singing but she never mentions the country album, Tina turns on Country, this was a very, very good album, she totally dismisses this period in her life all together. The next interview should question her about this period in her life, I would love to know why she recorded this and why she never mention it in her many interviews.


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