May 31 – Attending Giorgio Armani One Night Only event – Beijing, China – 1

October 7 – Attending harvest festival Chateau Lagrezette – Caillac, France 1

November 15 – Attending René Benko’s Törgellen party at Palais Harrach – Vienna, Austria – 1

9 Replies to “2012”

    1. Amen, she is the best! I wish that there could be one more concert in the PA-DC area as my daughter and I would be there.


    2. I saw Tina back in the late 70’s eay at the Fairmount Hotel in Dallas TX~~Would you believe ~~~I was so close I could touch her~~~ and the audience was NOT full at all~~but she permormed as though there were millions there I shall never forget!!~~~~~


  1. i wish I could meet this amazing women,who through her movie about her life story….helped save my life she is an amazing inspiration to me and I hope to one day share that with her…I have been writing a letter to her at her villa in France and i will send one every month in the hope that she gets it and realize what shes done.


  2. I watched her and Ike at Club Imperial in St. Louis and she was great then. Everyone knew that given a chance; she would be a star. Wish I could see her again locally.


    1. You really saw her back then! That must have been an amazing experience. If you would be interested in writing a short story/review of one of these early shows for our blog, we would love it! Also, if you have any memoribilia from that era (tickets, posters, photos) that you could share with us, this would be very interesting. Just drop us a line on the contact page!


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