Tina Turner – Emporio Armani Fashion Show – February 26, 2011 (updated)

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Updated with 7 high resolution photos (March 6, 2011). See inside the post!

Tina Turner was at the Emporio Armani Fashion Show in Milan, Italy today! She looked gorgeous! Have a look at the gallery in the post to see more pictures and a short interview with Tina.

High resolution photos





Video of Tina arriving and a short interview:

Video of Tina arriving:

Zimbio photo gallery

High resolution thanks to The Celebrity City

16 Replies to “Tina Turner – Emporio Armani Fashion Show – February 26, 2011 (updated)”

  1. omg:))) so young,so beautiful. i though she stay´s in switzerland and do some decorations:))) and now these pics….wow
    thanks for posting


    1. Yes Mark, that’s true, she looks more rested than during last tour and “recent” pictures we’ve seen of her, feels nice to see her still looking that good!
      Hopefully we’ll find some more picture of the event soon and in HQ 😉


    1. LOL 24seven, would be nice but it seems very unlikely unfortunately ! But at least she confirmed that there’s a new project coming which must be the sequel to the ” Beyond ” album !


  2. It was really nice to see the queen in public again! She looks amazing! I’m so ready to see her on Oprah! Just don’t know how to organize this!? How do you get tix? Is there a way to secure tix in advance? We need to find someone working at Harpo to provide us with details of Tina’s appearance on the Oprah show! 😉


    1. Final season, and with probably a new Beyond cd coming out, it would be a good occasion for her to visit Oprah one more/last time, yes! In the past, there were always some fans in the audience, I think they post something on their site that they’re looking for Tina fans, but I think you have to be very lucky and maybe it’s not really possible if you don’t live in the US. But who knows, maybe she’ll do a little promotion for Beyond in Europe as well!


  3. she looks way to stunning for a Beyond project 😉
    a rockin performance would be a better option!
    we just need the time and place ! 😉


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