TINA80 : Celebrating A Living Legend

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Last Saturday, fans from all across the world gathered in Cologne, Germany for the 10th Edition of our famous ‘Annual Tina Turner Fans Birthday Party’.

Turning 80 for TINA meant that this year had to be even more special than the previous ones and it sure was! First big Thanks to the hardest-working- organizers in show business, Volker and Anja who spent a lot of time working on this event. Thanks to Ness who created the design, to our own DJ Gerto and to the prettiest photographer in the world, Stephanie. Big Thanks as well to Frank, Kerstin, Sjef and Angelique for their involvement in making this party a success!

With performances from 4 different acts including Nyassa Alberta, the future lead of TINA, De Musical in the Netherlands as well as Anastasia Bain, a legendary performer in the German Musical scene, the party was the hottest ticket in town since the performance of Nurlaila Karim for TINA77.

Cherry on the cake, we had the chance to receive messages from former TINA band members that were shown during the evening. A warm thanks to John Miles, Jack Bruno, Ollie Marland, Lisa Fischer, Philip Sahagun and Ann Behringer for sending their wishes to the fans and to TINA. Big thank to Frank for collecting these!

And finally after a memorable party and weekend in Germany, some of us from the TINA family traveled to Zurich to deliver to Tina her birthday gifts! An enormous bouquet of flowers was given to someone from her staff accompanied by ‘Our Love Stories‘, the fan made book created by the very talented Faye. If you wish to print it yourself and have your own copy, you can download a PDF version of the book here!

Now it’s time for some rest for the TINA fans until the next adventures in Utrecht for the opening of TINA, De Musical in February! See you there!

Once again, a very Happy Birthday TINA, we love you!

10 Replies to “TINA80 : Celebrating A Living Legend”

  1. Hi, The book for Tina is very beautiful👍👍
    Thank you Ben and all the others(sorry we dont know the names) for letting us to participate and also to see the whole book.
    At the day of Tina’s birthday the sun was shining like a summer day and suddenly Tina’s song was heard loud in the bus while we were going to enjoy and it felt like a holiday day😃💚🌹

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  2. Thanks to Ben and everyone that was involved in putting the book and everthing else together to make the Queen of R and R’s 80th Birthday a memorable one.
    It was an honor and a privilege to have had the chance to be included.

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  3. How is Tina doing? Miss hearing about her.

    Thanks for sharing Sandi Namaste

    “May we embrace each other’s differences” “May we live in Peace” “May we share loving kindness” “And May we recognize a friend in each other”


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