In 1982, Tina was working hard on her comeback and was packing houses around Europe. In March of that year, between one show in Holland and a tour of Germany, she performed two shows at the mythical Palace club in Paris and would come back to the same venue in November.

Tina promoted the shows on French TV and, on March 30, 1982, the American singer appeared on TF1’s morning news. She talked about her projects, especially in movies: This is my dream, this is what I dream about. This is my goal and I’m sure I can achieve it‘. Always relaxed, she declared that compared to her life with Ike and her past performance ‘there’s a certain freedom, less tension. I feel relieved, I’m having more fun. I’m surrounded by a much more harmonious atmosphere and my work is easier and more fun.

You can watch the TV report from the French archives below!

A few years ago, the song Key Largo from that show was already uploaded on the blog but not the rest of the concert and, I don’t think it has been published anywhere else on the web.

Unfortunately, the quality of the audio files is somehow mixed: From good quality to pretty poor, but still worth a listen, especially for the fans. Enjoy!

TINA – Kill His Wife – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Tonight’s The Night – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA Get Back – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Honky Tonk Woman – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982.

TINA – River Deep Mountain High – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Nutbush City Limits – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Jumpin’ Jack Flash/ Only Rock’N’Roll – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Shake A Tail Feather – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Key Largo – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Help! – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Acid Queen – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Pain/Higher – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Proud Mary – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

TINA – Hollywood Nights – Live Le Palace – Paris 1982

28 Replies to “Queen Of The Palace”

  1. Great, many thanks for the post. What I would love is a digitally remastered release of “Nice and Rough” on dvd or bluray, fantastic show with many of the same numbers as above, but also including “Crazy in the night” which I love, its the only place I’ve seen that track, can’t get it anywhere 😟

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    1. Crazy in the night was used in the movie Summer Lovers. and Tina recorded a studio version for the soundtrack.. If you wanna have a mp3 let me know..


    2. I agree, Andrew, that we should have “Nice ‘n’ Rough on DVD. To my knowledge, it’s the only recorded show Tina did that was never transferred.

      At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I think there is a good artistic reason, as well as a good commercial reason.

      Briefly, there are three levels of theater/performance energy. In order, those levels could be called “Entertainment,” “Transformation,” and “Induction.” Transformation is a much higher and impactful energy level of theater/performance than “Entertainment;” Likewise, a performance at the level of “Induction” is much more impactful on an audience than “Transformation.”

      All of Tina’s performances that have made it to DVD are marvelously skillful and entertaining to be sure, but they are all at the level of “Entertainment.” “Nice ‘n’ Rough,” as it comes off the official videotape, is not only marvelously skillful and entertaining, it is also a performance at the level of “Transformation.”

      It is the only example of a show at the level of “Transformation” that I know of in Tina’s entire career.
      As a result, all her other performances seem not as rewarding and gratifying when you make a direct comparison.

      So perhaps, EMI was aware of the artistic situation. Perhaps they were was seeking to maximize the return on their investment in transferring their Tina material to DVD by consciously choosing NOT to transfer “Nice ‘n’ Rough,” the one show that stands head and shoulders above all the rest.


      1. Wow, that’s deep, and way over my head! All I know is what I like, and I LOVE that show, Tina seemed so happy, free, unleashed, it had so much raw energy. Tina, Kenny, the girls and the band just looked as if they were having such a good time and were happy to share that with us, somehow it was personal. Whoever owns the rights to it (I guess that’s not Tina) should be ashamed of themselves, to deny her fans access to a quality copy of what I think is her best, most natural performance, well, it should be a crime! I’d happily pay over the odds for it (but don’t tell them, just in case)


  2. embarrassingly, i’m sitting here listening to this and screaming like a 12 year old girl.     THIS IS FANTASTIC.  thank you


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  3. J’y étais concert du 29 mars 1982 !!! que de souvenirs, jamais je n’aurais pensé pouvoir un jour réecouter ce concert dont les images sont gravées dans ma mémoire , je me souviens de la gentillesse de kenny moore le pianiste après le concert, une très belle âme , le groupe avec Tina dégagait vraiment une belle entente et une belle harmonie et Tina une autorité de reine .

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    1. Wow, ça c’est dingue quelle chance! Une des dernières occasion de voir TINA dans un petit club, l’ambiance devait être incroyable! Et Kenny était vraiment quelqu’un de très chaleureux et drôle, c’est super que vous ayez pu l’approcher!
      Merci du partage Guermi!


      1. Non c’est moi qui vous remercie pour ce partage , Peut on un jour espérer voir les images de ce concert , une équipe de télévision était présente ce soir la .


  4. WOW!
    That says it all.
    Thank you so much Ben for making this lock down here in Iowa, USA bearable.
    Once again you have worked your magic so the Queen of the palace aka the queen of rock and roll could lift my spirits and show me the way.
    Thank you to the Queen; Tina Turner for sending me some light in this darkness.

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    1. Aww thank you Lee, I thought it would be a nice small surprise for the fans in this period of stress and I am glad you liked it! Stay strong and healthy, sending you all my best wishes from France! Best!


  5. Yes, Andrew, there is just so much beautiful energy in that show!

    I remember hearing and reading some of the audience members’ comments at the time of that show, The one I most liked and remember is the woman who exclaimed right after the show:
    “I feel like I’ve just received a massive injection of positive life force!”

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  6. Tina is for me a show tigress who radiates loving aggressive warm rough kindness. Does that make any sense ?
    She fills you up totally. Takes over your senses. She is more then a pop-star. She is a theater icon. For my generation a gratitude to have witnessed it. For future generations a melancholy for another world and time. Thank you miss TINA.

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  7. Thank you Ben for this gem!
    And thanks to all the fans that share these treasures.
    I so love Tina! I wish all of us could do the same to bring these pieces back to life again
    A big, big kiss!!!


  8. Thank you for sharing this, I have followed the Tina Turner Blog for years and love it! She is my favorite singer of all time, and the Phil Spector “River Deep – Mountain High” has been my favorite song since high school!

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